Delivering ‘Soul’ Food to Men in Prison

Where the alchemy of intention, hope, action and chaos meet.

Caged Birds and Cosmic Bonds

It is time for you to bond with the cosmos and not with a cage.

Connecticut Holds Transgender Girl in Male Adult Prison

Bathrooms are not the only battleground for transgender rights. Peter LaBerge speaks in the persona of a Connecticut trans girl, incarcerated alongside men.

How Many Lives is an Execution Worth?

How the death penalty may keep innocent people in prison.

What Can Rats Teach Us About Prison Reform?

Louise Thayer looks at a prison ‘experiment’ with devastating consequences.

Comment of the Day: ‘Rape is about power and control and has nothing to do with clothing.’

What do you believe is the root cause of rape?

Freed from prison, man robs Same N.J. store 14 years later

Gary Bouchard’s blank verse “ripped from the headlines” poem is a remarkable meditation on cycles and human habit.

How a Prison Education Saved me From a Lifetime Behind Bars

Education has the power to transform, and it’s time we put that power to work.

The Dream

Evil vibes bounce back and forth around the room.
I say he wouldn’t dare hit me. He does.

How To Prevent Prisoners From Attempting Suicide

Tammi Walker on how to keep people safe on the inside.

No Prospect of Release: Kevin Crump and the Human Rights Implications of Life Imprisonment

Where’s the humanity in denying someone any chance at a meaningful life?

Life’s Ups and Downs

The lows just make the highs in life that much greater.

We Demand the Real Criminals Go to Jail

Our vision today is to cause this corrupt criminal enterprise system to be exposed, and we demand that the real criminals go to to jail.

Homeless In Fight For Their Survival

Those who do find housing will pay almost half of their income on rent in many areas across the country.

Baltimore: Police Violence Increases as Jobs Decrease

As long as private individuals can horde billions through exploitation and inheritance, they will direct the police to do whatever it takes to protect their wealth.

African American History Month, 2016

Revolutionaries must fight every instance of racism with the understanding that this fight is part of the effort to unite.