Don’t Have the Nerve to be Openly Racist? Don’t say Racist Things.


If you can’t spout off on the deficiencies of others in a way that forces you to defend your beliefs to their face, you’ve got no excuse for pointing, laughing, and assuming you’re Divinely appointed as their superior.

What is the Worst Thing About Prison?

The worst about prison  la Caja de la china:Flickr

Spoon Jackson knows the worst of the prison system, but THE worst thing about prison isn’t about the prisoner.

Wormwood Scrubs Exposed: The Inside Story

wormwood scrubs

“No one knows what really goes on inside a prison unless they are invited through its iron doors.” Read Wormwood Scrubs.

Prisons Animated

Prisons animated

Hank thinks the prison system is, “messed up,” and he has a snappy video to explain why.

So What if I am your Meal Ticket

So What If I am Your Meal Ticket Brett Jordan:Flickr

How can a prisoner transform himself into a good man?

When Men Have to Pay in Time

#55 - Time

The Pain of the Prison System is part of a child’s formative years.

A Prayer for No Father

A Prayer for no Father  Alejandro Hernandez.:Flickr

A son’s pride and gratitude come from inside when the father has become a living ghost.

‘God’father in Name Only

Godfather  Chazodude:Flickr

A godfather is a man who serves as a sponsor for a child at baptism, or any male sponsor or guardian.

Good or Bad is About Perspective

Good Bad is about Perspective  Neal.:Flickr

Even in absence, a father’s voice can echo and guide.

How Do You Learn to be a Father Without a Father?

How Do You Learn to be a Father  Milosz1:Flickr

The search for male role models can be dangerous when your father is a missing piece.

4 Reasons Why People Joke About Gay Rape


Maddie McClouskey discusses the main reason why gay rape jokes are the norm in modern dialect.

Dear Dad, I Can’t Be Your Clone

Dear Dad by H o l l y.:Flickr

As we look toward Fathers’ Day, take some time to reflect on the children whose imprisoned dads are unable to come home.

Visiting Day From the Pain of the Prison System

Visiting Day martinak15:FLickr

Even a young child is treated like a criminal when she only wants to visit her father.

New Identity From the Pain of the Prison System

New Identity  roger_alcantara:Flickr

Prisons punish more than criminals. P.O.P.S. creates a safe and nurturing community for those who have endured the Pain of the Prison System.

The Final Week With The Gosling Five

The Final Week With The Gosling Five edenpictures:Flickr

Good men, bad men, and birds—all want to fly away at some time.

Week Ten With The Gosling Five

Week Ten With The Gosling Five Images by Jamie Pachomski:Flickr

Time to fly, but the bond of bread between man and geese keeps the Gosling Five around for a bit longer.