What We Talk About When We Talk About Men: The Top 10 Issues of Men in 2014

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Men’s roles are changing almost faster than we can keep up with the change. Here are ten reasons that make the conversation about men so incredibly important.

Men! Stop Trying to Control Other Men! (Like the Met’s Daniel Murphy)


“Every time you do this, you become less free. A rat in a cage. A dog on a chain. A prisoner.”

New Technology Could Make Inmates Feel Like They’re Serving a 1,000-Year Sentence in 8 Hours


The future of biotechnology has arrived, and it is terrifying.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: How The Justice System Failed Gerard Richardson

Gerard Rrichardson Story

Gerard Richardson was recently released after spending twenty years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Was this a one time mistake or just more proof that our justice system is failing?

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We’re set on changing the negative stereotypes about men. Want to join us?

The Disposability of Boys


The UN’s recent reports on the treatment of children in Syria and in the Roman Catholic Church revealed some of the despicable acts committed against boys that are part of a disturbing and hidden global trend.

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Sorry, Prison Rape Jokes About Justin Bieber Aren’t Funny


When rape involves men, particularly men in prison, we as a society often trivialize it into nothing more than a “don’t drop the soap” joke. John Lash, executive director of Georgia Conflict Center, implores us to end our absurd acceptance of rape.

Federal Appeals Court: It’s Cruel and Unusual Punishment to Deny Transgender Inmates Surgery

Robert Koselik, Michelle Kosilek

The First Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of a transgender inmate, who for 20 years has been denied the sex reassignment surgery that her doctors have prescribed as “medically necessary.”

Virginia Federal Judge: Indefinite, Unreviewed Solitary Confinement is not OK

jail cell

Even those on death row cannot be held in solitary confinement without due process, a federal judge rules. This ruling could apply to many others who have spent more than a decade “in the hole.”

Our Shrinking Prison Population


New prison admissions in the US are at a 20 year low.

“Rape in prison has become a ‘second sentence’.”

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This comment was by Danny on the post “The Rape Joke Everyone Tolerates.”

Control the Anger or Lose the Relationship

Good Men Project, Relationships, Love, Sex, Anger, Controlling your Anger, Steven Lake, Dr. Steven Lake,

Dr. Steven Lake explains the importance of taking ownership of your anger

In and Out of the Boxing Ring, Two Men Confront Very Different Demons

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For Alvin Valentine, it was a chance to fight for something other than his life. For Adam Friedman, it was a chance to face down a monster that had tormented him since childhood—fear.

Slow Motion: Skylarks, Prison and Social Progress


“What just happened?” The court-appointed lawyer repeated Jackie Summers words, then replied tersely. “You got f***ed.”

What’s the Difference Between Street Harassment and ‘Fresh Meat’ in Prison?

groping by dawn pink chick flickr

Thomas Pluck asks, when confronting harassment, why do we say “what if she was your sister, mother, or daughter?” What if it was You?

Call for Submissions: Male Stereotypes


Does the stereotypical man exist?