Books: The Intellectual’s New Status Symbol

Matthew Sweet has found that his unread books have the greatest value.

The 8 Stages of Becoming a Human Being

Sean Swaby has found that life is hard. It just is. But waking up is more fun than dreaming.

When Gangs are the Most Stable Option

Gangs offer a tempting ‘home’ to frustrated, unhappy young men.

And the Hero of the Movie Is: Math

Lisa Hickey looks at the way math is replacing guns as the tool of choice to solve problems in some of the Oscar-nominated films of 2016.

Dumping a Load: The Log Barge Trend

How do you transport logs to remote areas inaccessible by trucks? In British Columbia they are solving this problem by using log barges.

Gaming: A Way to Solve Real-World Problems

You’re probably all familiar with the typical first-person shooter games, but do you know about the rise in “Serious Games?”

Designer Nights Out: Good Urban Planning can Reduce Drunken Violence

It turns out, city planning and design can do a lot more than just make things look nice; it can actually help cut down on crime and violence.

How to Use Men’s Love of Fixing Things to Find Peace in Your Relationship

Theresa Byrne says, use your man’s annoying ‘fix it’ instinct to rewire your relationship for lasting happiness.

8 Words Dads Can Say Daily to Help Your Kids Succeed

Tor Constantino shares a simple 8-word affirmation that could make all the difference for you, your kids, and your family.

Get a Grip

Don’t lose your cool online. Come join our online conversations.

Just Relax: How Men Can Be More Effective Problem-Solvers

Dillan DiGiovanni suggests a more effective way for men to help someone in distress.

Six Tips For Feeling, Not Fixing

Theresa Byrne says that by avoiding or resisting something, we give more power to it.

All of the Facts

Thierry Augustin gives some solid advice on how to deal with a difficult situation when you are presented with less than all the facts.

Within My Control and Beyond

Josh Magill provides insight into the conundrum of control faced by Masterminds—like him.

Hyperarousal: Beyond Fight or Flight

In a crisis, your choices are limited, but it’s not as bad as you think.

“Men need to hone in on their inner HSP to help other each other through tough times.”

These are comments by Leia and Rick Belden on the post “Welcome to the New Generation of Highly Sensitive Men”. There is an opportunity for men to pick up on the anguish and troubles of others and do what they can to creative solve them together. Can you tune into your inner Highly Sensitive Man?