3 Ways to Feel the Security You’ve Been Needing in Your Relationship


How do you get the security you need?

When It’s Time for Men to Ask for Help


We all face emotional problems that are too much to handle alone. But for men, asking for help is often a challenge. This guide helps you know if it’s time.

Why You Should Stop Trying To Get Women To Date You


Stop asking the question “how can I get women to date me” and start asking “how can I become the man women want to date?”

It’s Important to Remember That Even Your Worst Days Only Have 24 Hours


Once you wake up, rested and refreshed, it’s time to move your focus off your problem and onto the solution.

Being Bisexual Taught Me That Sexual Intolerance is a Bigger Problem Than We Realize


How do we teach our children to love unconditionally when they are surrounded by a culture of violence, discrimination and hate?

My Own Braveheart

Naomi and Steve

What kind of man stands by a lady he has been with a short time through diagnosis’ including Multiple Sclerosis and Psychosis? A good man, writes Naomi Snell.

Stop Dropping the Ball

Stop Dropping the Ball Photo by Dave Hosford

There is an exceptionally easy way to solve half of all of your problems, and it involves only two words. Ken Goldstein explains.

10 Things Necessary to Being a Grown Up

teach kids

Andy Smithson on 10 basics of being a real adult

How Men Can Deal With The Fear Of The Unknown

worried man, old man, future, past,

Almost every man worries about what will happen in the future, Stan Popovich provides a list of techniques and suggestions on how to manage this fear of dealing with the unknown.

Within My Control and Beyond

men working, work, office, workshop, desks, black and white, room, natural light, big windows

Josh Magill provides insight into the conundrum of control faced by Masterminds—like him.

Save Your Marriage By Saying Nothing


Steve Horsmon’s simple solution for saving a marriage: sometimes you have to shut up.

Dealing With My Closet

Mark Radcliffe closet

Mark Radcliffe believes we all have a closet we avoid dealing with in life. And sometimes, it’s an actual closet.

“Declarations like these are why guys who do have self-esteem issues are told they don’t matter.”


This is a comment by Danny on the comment of the day: “If a man KNOWS he is physically unattractive we focus other qualities instead of beating up our self-esteem.”

“The men and women who sit by their partners side at the hospital are the special ones.”

Safe Harbor Awards

This is a comment by Archy on the post “Can You Ever Really Make a Woman Feel Special?”

“If female culture picks up bad habits from men, it only makes the problem harder to deal with.”


This is a comment by 1753 on the post “TubeCrush: “Homage to the Hommes” or Unauthorized Exploitation of Men?”