Could Indulging A Distraction Actually Make You More Productive At Work?


We all deal with grief differently, and some of us, not too effectively. Here is Tyler Tervooren’s method.

Finding a Mentor Matters For Young Men, But Formalizing the Relationship Matters Most

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My experiences taught me not only how powerful mentoring is but how wrong we generally tend to view mentoring in our personal and professional lives.

Honoring Your Word Like A Man

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Dillan DiGiovanni explains how honoring your word differs from doing everything you say you will.

Want to Make More Money? Invest in Your Relationship

Good Men Project, Invest in your Marriage, Rabbi Slatikin, Marriage Investments, RLS Section, Marriage

Rabbi Slatkin explains why the best Investment of 2014 should be your marriage

5 Mobile Apps That Could Make You a Better Person (Possibly)

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Tune in, turn on and drop out – using apps to unplug.

How to Support 6 Kids From Your Kitchen Table Without Going Crazy

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Jason Leister with 3 specific tips for how to increase your productivity no matter where you are or what you are doing.

How to Nap

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Go ahead and nap: you’ll be in good company, and better health.

Too Busy To Save Your Company

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Ken Goldstein, on productivity: “How we prioritize our time says a great deal about what we value.”

Negotiating Flexible Work Arrangements, Part 3


Address your boss’ concerns about what is fair.

Negotiating Flexible Work Arrangements, Part 2


Higher performance, lower turnover: Make your case by presenting your boss with the facts about telecommuting.

Negotiating Flexible Work Arrangements, Part 1


Why bosses say no to flex-time, and what you can do about it.

The Pressure to ‘Have It All’ and the Need to Redefine Success


We all get the same 24 hours. How you prioritize your time involves trade-offs of one kind of success for another.

Workplace Bullying: A Chronic Corporate Disease

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Rakesh Malhotra, on how to detect against bullying in the workplace — even if it’s yourself.

Can We Talk about the “Busy Trap”?

It’s summer. Yesterday my kids (who are 12 and 9) slept until 9:30 am. They got up and watched “Home Alone” for the first time (we’d procured it for a road trip last weekend and they hadn’t gotten around to viewing). Then they went outside and rode scooters and chased the neighbor kids around in […]

Wanna Be Inspired?


Marc and Angel offer awesome lists for increasing productivity, happiness and love… In a very guy-friendly format.

Study of the Day: Video Games Make Better Drivers

We may have finally discovered the cure for parental anxiety over teenage driving. No, it’s not Xanax, Prozac, or any other kind of human tranquilizer. It’s video games. A recent study from scientists at the University of Rochester, published in Current Biology, reveals that video gamers have better reaction times than non-gamers, making them better […]