‘Hey I Have An Opportunity That’s Perfect For You …’

Why are are we so turned off by network marketing opportunities and the friends who offer them?

Look at What is Being Sold to Kids When They are in School

Faith Boninger and Alex Molnar on how stuff gets sold to kids in school – and it’s not pretty.

Rotten Choices, Rotten Jobs

Ken Goldstein looks at the trend of people taking crappy, short term jobs that don’t lead to anything better—and how that can change.

For Men Who Don’t Want to Commit Sandpaper on Their Woman: Proraso Shave Cream

Jesse Kornbluth on a shaving product perfect for you.

Cambodian Market Bags

Let’s do good — Jesse Kornbluth reviews sustainable, one-of-a-kind bags that will help keep the earth safer.

A Few of Our Favorite Things: The Dads & Families Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is next week, and you have shopping to do. I’ve got some suggestions.

This May Be the Most Insecure Product Name We’ve Ever Heard of

Guess who wants to secure your manliness with MANscara?

The Let’s Dad! Great Gift Guide #1

September is the most common birth month. Count back nine months and it’s Christmas. In the giving spirit, here are some gift ideas for newborns.

Don’t Fear the Fad

Just because something is a fad does not necessarily make it a bad investment.

“My question is why is it wrong to create games for people who make ‘boob-based purchasing decisions’?”

This is a comment by Jacobtk on the post “Video Game Critic Draws Hateful Misogynistic Abuse”.

More About Humility Than Harvard

Mark Crowther talks about the qualities that make a great start-up—they’re more subtle than you might think.

“The Creepy Crawlers oven and the EZ Bake oven are the exact same product with different colors and marketing”

“Gendering products makes good business sense, so I doubt it will go away whether it’s good for anyone else or not.”