I’m Teaching My Kids to Swear

DiaryDad is teaching his kids to swear like the “best” of ’em. I have given up on watching my language around my kids.  I don’t let them swear though and I have no problem with the double standard either.  I have friends on both sides of the fence on this issue. Some are very careful […]

Who was That Strange Man who Swore too Much?

You can’t limit the vitality of a book’s form without limiting the vitality of a book’s content.

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Tor Constantino shares research that links excessive cursing in the media with aggression in kids.

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You may think you know the answer, but Mike Crider suggests the answer may not be as compelling as we think.

Watch your %#$*ing Language At Work

Swearing is pretty common in pop culture, but Ged Naughton cautions that letting the f-word fly in the workplace could be a FCLM (a freaking career limiting move).

George Zimmerman and the Tragedy of Casual Racism

David Zucker gives his opinion on the George Zimmerman trial, and on the larger problem of casual racism in America.

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Chief Keef’s offensive comments to Katy Perry should warrant much harsher consequences according to Tracy Clayton.

This Guy Is Brave. (As in ‘Escapes Alive After Shark Breaks Into Shark Cage’ Brave)

Apparently you are double-lucky when you escape from a shark and your friend catches it on video.

Warning Signs of Abuse vs. Normal Sexual Behavior

Author Jayneen Sanders lists which behaviors are potential warning signs that a child may be being sexually abused… and just as importantly, which ones aren’t.

Homeless Hippie Hitchhiker Handles Hatchet Heroically

Soft-spoken sojourner saves stranger, seeks surfing, swears steadily.

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Sometimes there’s nothing better than a well placed expletive, unless little ears are within range.

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Watch Your Mouth

Why something that sucks shouldn’t be a bad thing.

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Donald D’Haene brings us the origin of the word “slut,” as well as his support of the White Ribbon Campaign raising awareness of violence against women.