Do You Really Have an Influence On Your Kids?

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You may think you know the answer, but Mike Crider suggests the answer may not be as compelling as we think.

Watch your %#$*ing Language At Work


Swearing is pretty common in pop culture, but Ged Naughton cautions that letting the f-word fly in the workplace could be a FCLM (a freaking career limiting move).

George Zimmerman and the Tragedy of Casual Racism

George Zimmerman face

David Zucker gives his opinion on the George Zimmerman trial, and on the larger problem of casual racism in America.

Should Katy Perry Have Apologized To Chief Keef?

Katy Perry, Chief Keef,

Chief Keef’s offensive comments to Katy Perry should warrant much harsher consequences according to Tracy Clayton.

This Guy Is Brave. (As in ‘Escapes Alive After Shark Breaks Into Shark Cage’ Brave)

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Apparently you are double-lucky when you escape from a shark and your friend catches it on video.

Warning Signs of Abuse vs. Normal Sexual Behavior


Author Jayneen Sanders lists which behaviors are potential warning signs that a child may be being sexually abused… and just as importantly, which ones aren’t.

Homeless Hippie Hitchhiker Handles Hatchet Heroically

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Soft-spoken sojourner saves stranger, seeks surfing, swears steadily.

Open Thread: How Do You Swear In Front of the Kids?

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Sometimes there’s nothing better than a well placed expletive, unless little ears are within range.

Boys Can Curse But Girls Can’t?


Noah Brand has a few choice words for the sexist stereotypes surrounding a few choice words.

Ten Wicked Idioms That I Love


Without letting the cat out of the bag: Carl Pettit loves idioms suggesting the torture of house cats.

Why Does It Always Have to Be Me?


Drew Diaz wants to know why he’s got to be the heavy, every time.

Watch Your Mouth


Why something that sucks shouldn’t be a bad thing.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: The Slut Walk for Men


Donald D’Haene brings us the origin of the word “slut,” as well as his support of the White Ribbon Campaign raising awareness of violence against women.

The F-Bomb: Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Curse Word


Adam Rabasca mourns the loss of every Italian’s favorite word.

Vikings’ Chris Kluwe Kicks Serious Verbal Ass—And You Should Too

Chris Kluhe - Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings

Joanna Schroeder gives a standing ovation to Vikings punter Chris Kluwe for his impassioned open letter about marriage equality, and insists that if we aren’t all doing the same, we’re participating in oppression.

The Proper Use of Profanity


A basic guide to the correct use of English profanity.