The True Impact of Spotify

If you’re a music lover, read on.

It’s Time to End the Exploitation of Vulnerable People

In Australia, the current vocational education sector is a mess, and it’s resulting in a lot of people being taken advantage of.

The Invisible Cynic

Cabot O’Callaghan is fed up with the lies perpetuated by mass culture and the media and ready for some real change.

First Rule of War: Don’t Target Civilians, Especially Women & Children

War is insanity and brings about pain, death and misery. Peace equals life, prosperity and happiness. What do you chose?

If You’re So Smart, Why Ain’t You Rich?

It still remains true, especially for men, that we are primarily valued for what we earn.

“argument looks a lot like…’Let the market decide!’ the battle cry of the priviliged, wealthy…”

This comment by Daniel on the post The Right Way To Approach Raising the Minimum Wage

The Right Way To Approach Raising the Minimum Wage

Raising the minimum wage, far from being a comprehensive solution, is at best a temporary fix to a much more fundamental problem.

No Money for Adult Bookstores

Should businesses make decisions on moral grounds?

Creative: Breaking Down The Benefits Of Making Comics [@hannibaltabu]

The following is a first person editorial. I saw an article referencing comments by writer Jim Zubkavich, who writes the largely entertaining comic Skullkickers (among other credits): Creator says creator-owned comics pay as little as $31.25 a page—if you’re lucky. On a print run of 5000 comics (and many, many creator-owned titles sell less than […]

The Mind of a Venture Capitalist Is a Dangerous Place to Look for Clues to Manhood and Goodness (But Let’s Try)

Tom Matlack takes a look into his own mind. The results? Well, see for yourself.

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