Cheap Cars, Fast Burgers: How Madness Takes Root

Have we become mad with the desire for progress no matter what the cost? Jeremy McKeen traces the lifetime of loyalty to a world insane with progress. — Your loyalty starts with the comfort of the basic needs: food, water, mother’s hug at the table, sharing with the siblings. Then at some point a symbol […]

How Fast is the World Changing? Shepherds Now Use Drones to Herd Sheep

Welcome to 21st century sheep-herding.

A Gay Dad Reflects on His Gay Son, and the Legacy of Alan Turing

Patrick Roth is dad to a gay son, who is unaware how hard his dad had it in a homophobic world. Dad got his own dose of perspective when he saw a film about Alan Turing. Here are his thoughts on a world evolving.

Why Didn’t I Try to Make the World a Better Place?

Recent milestones in Saudi Arabia for disabled youth, and how those milestones have the potential to make the world a better place.

The Promise of Africa and Its Importance to US

With its wealth of natural and human resources, economic engagement by us/world in Africa will bring about prosperity and help solve poverty and wars.

Look On The Bright Side Of Life

It’s not all doom and gloom. There are some real solutions to some of the seemingly impossible and overwhelming problems of our day. Chris Hicke has a look.

Why Can’t Kid’s Music Change The World?

Jeff Bogle discusses the power behind children’s music.

Making Progress, One Man At a Time

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks the “Feminist Father” wearing this shirt is evidence of progress and worthy of the attention he’s getting.

Looking Back and Letting Go with Safety Not Guaranteed

Safety Not Guaranteed mixes deadpan comedy, love, and scifi to look at how our past can cast a shadow on our present, but only as much as we allow.

How Things Have Changed: Even the Pictures We Take to Remember

All Tom Brechlin has to do is look at his photo wall to remind himself how grateful he is.

Easy Targets: The Top 10 in April on The Good Life

Brought to you by the people who make aiming high, look easy.

When Necessary

Is our technological ability to kill actually progress?

I’m Grateful for the Suburbs (and the Internet)

Erik Crosier is thankful for the speed with which we can connect, thanks to modern technology.

Let’s Call Bullying What It Is. Abuse.

Kevin DeSoto wants us to educate our children that all forms of abuse is wrong. And bullying is abuse.

Failure Is An Option

Kids need to be able to fail in order to learn how to succeed.

On Turning 40

Have the Baby Boomers ruined aging for the rest of us?