Why Michael Moore Gets on My Nerves

What has Michael Moore done to the documentary genre?

A Travesty, Manipulation, Un-American & Wrong

Donald Trump supporters have a reason to be angry… and so should all Americans!

Why are Today’s Progressive Political Heroes Still Old White Men?

Can a far-left progressive who’s also a minority make it in politics?

The Cool Kids Aren’t Always Right

John Faithful Hamer on some cool kids of the past, and how they weren’t always on the right path.

I’m Living Proof You Can Be Catholic AND Support Gay Marriage

Before you nail me to a cross, hear me out.

“Name-calling is lazy & the refuge of the uninformed and prejudiced”

Stop Calling Ann Coulter Names. Seriously.

Uruguay’s President Drives An ’87 Beetle and Donates His Paycheck To Charity. Could He Save The International Left?

  Jose Mujica has gone viral for his humble lifestyle and liberal reforms. Paul Blest on what the Uruguayan president’s popularity means for global leftists.  —– President Jose Mujica is not your typical head of state. First off, Uruguay’s president is old – 78, to be exact, one year younger than Ronald Reagan when he left office. […]

How Not to Stage a Political Protest

The “We can march if you are up to it” San Diego Rally for No War in Syria

Easy Targets: The Top 10 in April on The Good Life

Brought to you by the people who make aiming high, look easy.

The American Phoenix

America’s strength is its ability to reinvent itself.

My Lefty Credentials – A Response to the GMP Controversy

Josh Bowman brags about how awesomely left-wing he is and why the Good Men Project needs him.

“I think about this a lot with coworkers: would I find this person as offensive if she were a man?”

This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “‘He’s a Boss, She’s a Bitch'”.

The Myth of the Hands-On Dad

Real parenting is always hands-on.

Normal for Now

Our beliefs and values surrounding concepts like family, childhood, and masculinity, are products of our time and culture.

Radically Moderate

Be passionate—even radical—in your dedication to balance and reason.

My Sister Paid Progressive Insurance to Defend Her Killer In Court

After his sister was killed by a reckless, underinsured driver, Matt Fisher and his family were forced to sue to try to collect the insurance policy on which his sister had been paying.