When Pigs Fly…Sort Of

And, the best dad award goes to…

The Go-To Guys

No, we’re not handymen. But we sure as heck are building something. And when we do demolition work, it’s demolishing the stereotypes that hamper men’s progress.

Disability Is About ‘The Other’ Until it Isn’t: A Kickstarter for All

Gary Dietz has two projects for people who are in some way affected by disabilities. Which is pretty much everyone.

“I’m happy I have a wife, and having two people both contributing across the board goes a long way.”

This is a comment by Lars Fisher on the post “I’d Benefit From a Traditional Wife”.

“This project blows the stereotype of ‘women are the talkers, sharers and emoters’ out of the water.”

This comment-of-the-day was by Eileen on “This Much I Know to Be True”

The Cross in the Closet: A Review

If you are on the fence about the compatibility of your religion and the LGBTQ community, Timothy Kurek’s “The Cross in the Closet” is a worthwhile read.

Fiction: Tech Giant Intel Decides Stories Lead To A Better Future [@roxfontaine]

One of the world’s largest technology companies is betting on old school tactics: telling better stories.

What Project Would You Do If You Could?

Dockers (yes, the khakis) has put together what they call the “Wear the Pants Project.”