What My Partner Got Because I Wasn’t a Virgin

And because I wasn’t a virgin – in fact, very far from it – when I met my now partner and the father of my one year old son, I am able to give my partner more of me.

Men Singing about Fidelity: New in Pop Radio

Dr. Andrew Smiler discusses the oddity of a pop song that describes a man refusing a hookup.

Promiscuity Without Entitlement, for Men

Angelus Morningstar explains how men can enjoy being promiscuous without having to resort to pick-up tactics and other behaviors that can demean their sexual partners.

Does Sex Increase Your Self-Esteem?

Mark Manson observes the ways in which guys become more confident when they have more sex… but it’s far from a simple solution. In fact, it can become an unhealthy cycle.

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Andrew Smiler reviews the numbers and concludes that the idea guys want lots of different partners is fiction.

Condom Conundrums: Screwing Around Without Protection

Andrew Smiler explores why the most promiscuous guys are the least likely to use condoms.

A Chronic Cheater

An unfaithful man ends up alone, taking a fearless personal inventory, and vows to change.

Challenging Casanova: Beyond the Stereotype of the Promiscuous Young Male [Excerpt]

Andrew Smiler, with some very unconventional wisdom about young men and sexuality.

Indecisive, Slutty, and Closeted: Bisexual Men in 3 Stereotypes

Tobias is everything you expect bi men to be, and then some.

Masculine Sexuality: What Gets Overlooked

Dr. Ley argues that the oft-blamed trope of “sex addiction” isn’t real.

Why Do We Fear Being Seen as Too Promiscuous?

Megan Rosker wonders: Is it possible that deep down we believe a promiscuous person is going to cheat on us?

What’s Your Number? Here’s Why I Don’t Care

Does it really matter how many people you’ve slept with? Emily Heist Moss doesn’t think so.

I Used to Stand in Dark Hallways and Say “Kiss Me”

Lisa Hickey wants to have a conversation about rape. But until today, she didn’t know where to start.

The Results are In: You Can’t Measure Promiscuity

My single favorite fill-in response to the question “does identifying someone as promiscuous disqualify them as a potential sexual partner?” was: Is he holding a guitar?

Good Men—and Women—Weigh in on Promiscuity

The results are in: a qualitative analysis of the exclusive GMP survey on promiscuity.

Are Highly Sexual Individuals by Definition Promiscuous?

(Re)Defining Promiscuity: An Exclusive GMP Survey