Dads, Kids, and Wearable Momaganda


Let’s talk about pro-mom propaganda in baby clothes.

Questioning Culture: The Absurdity of Authenticity


Culture is loud. Becoming authentically YOU means turning down its volume.

Questioning Culture: Our Addiction to Growth


If you think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while counting your money.

Average Size … for a Black Man: Myths About Size, Racism, and the Patriarchy


Myths about Black men’s prowess reinforce racist stereotypes about Black men.

Flyer: What Should You Do If You Find an Atheist?


Satirical flyer created to help children identify and report Atheists in their community.

Steve Almond: A Decade of Magical Thinking. Excerpt from The Rumpus

Todd Riddle A small tribute to all those lost in 9.11

“One of the duties of the artist – not the only duty, but a central one – is to impel people to imagine the complexity of thought and feeling inside another person.”

Putin's Got a Pop Song

Tweet If I were the prime minister of Russia, I’d want an awesome pop song devoted to me. I’d want it played everywhere I went, and I’d want my young “in-crowd” supporters to scream whenever they heard it. And clearly Vladimir Putin agrees. His own private propaganda song is blasted at rallies and played pretty […]

Your Friday Soccer Digest

North Korea hires fans to cheer for its soccer team. U.S. ties Slovenia thanks to a moronic call by referee.