A Christian Dad Sounds Off on the Lies About Transgender People and Restrooms

Bruce Pagano is a devout Christian with strong principles. He respects those of his faith with whom he may disagree. He has a tough time, however, with those who deal in complete falsehoods. That is what he sees in today’s current discourse. He tells us why.

About that Email that Said ‘Gay Men Are Full of Disease’

Internet trolls and religious zealots are alive and well, full of prejudice, ignorance, and discrimination, proving there is more work to do.

The False Conflict of Starbucks and the Red Cups

Halloween is barely over, and we’re sparring about this ongoing, fictional “War on Christmas” because of the color of Starbucks cups. Is this real life?


A.K.A. (finger pointing propaganda) Christmas Carol

“Oh My Darling Ebola”

Taking his cue from the Gold Rush song “Oh My Darling,” Srgjan Ivanovik explores the political populism of Ebola.

The Most Important Photo on the Internet or Disinformation?

Have you ever been caught sharing disinformation? Propaganda comes at us from every direction, even the one you support.

‘Sharia’ Doesn’t Mean What You Probably Think It Does, America

Salaam Bhatti debunks some of the most prevalent misunderstandings about Islam and oppression.

The U.S. Government is Addicted to Drugs

How much are you paying each year for their fiendish addictions?

If I Were an Evil Genius

Entertainment is a powerful tool of control. Do those who own the media own you?

Gay Propaganda Wars: Russia & the Ukraine


Alexander Lowe looks at the “phantom menace”, the subtle war of words and pictures being waged against GLBT people.

Dads, Kids, and Wearable Momaganda

Let’s talk about pro-mom propaganda in baby clothes.

Questioning Culture: The Absurdity of Authenticity

Culture is loud. Becoming authentically YOU means turning down its volume.

Questioning Culture: Our Addiction to Growth

If you think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while counting your money.

Average Size … for a Black Man: Myths About Size, Racism, and the Patriarchy

Myths about Black men’s prowess reinforce racist stereotypes about Black men.

Flyer: What Should You Do If You Find an Atheist?

Satirical flyer created to help children identify and report Atheists in their community.

Steve Almond: A Decade of Magical Thinking. Excerpt from The Rumpus

“One of the duties of the artist – not the only duty, but a central one – is to impel people to imagine the complexity of thought and feeling inside another person.”