Why I Bought An Engagement Ring and Popped the Question… To My Husband


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‘Why Are All These Strangers Giving Me Flowers?’ Sometimes Love Really Is All You Need.


Love is a beautiful thing.

How I Got Over My Obsession With Having a Traditional, ‘Perfect’ Engagement

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Even after ten years in a happy relationship, my boyfriend showed zero interest in popping the question — so I took matters into my own hands.

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Despite protests of “being too young”, Taylor Campbell and his (now) wife, Gabrielle, were eager to be married. Here is his beautiful recollection of their blooming romance and marriage.

“Make sure your ’till death do us part’ doesn’t mean the death of someone else.”


This is a comment by bride on the post “How to Buy an Engagement Ring for Your Girlfriend, James Bond Style”.

Favorite Wedding Moments: 10/27


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The ‘Few Good Men’ Double Standard

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“’A Few Good Men’ may have made a great title for a movie, but when it comes to describing the majority of the male population, it’s demeaning, sexist, and just plain wrong.”

A Proposal

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“My future son-in-law may be considered ‘old-fashioned,’ but to me, he is my Hero. I will never forget that summer day when he honored his future bride by honoring the ones who raised her.”

Knowing The Answer Before You Pop the Question: Making Sure She’ll Say “Yes”.


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Rules of Engagement

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