Song Lo

Tragic or comic? Prose poem or flash fiction? Regardless, Cori Jones’s piece on women in a racist, sexist society will entice and provoke.

Mulberry, Scenes 2 and 3

James Olm continues his story about Thomas, Bean, and the mulberry tree. Where will scene 2 take us?


The setting: a small farm in Wisconsin, 1965. The story: family, memories, brothers. James Olm brings us the first scene of his play, “Mulberry.”

Fiction: Asunda Grimoires from Stranger Comics [@strangercomics #thenewblack]

Our newest content partner is a company with quite powerful portfolio. LA-based Stranger Comics hasn’t even hit the market with their flagship property The Untamed and Hollywood came knocking, with powerhouses like Lloyd Levin (Watchmen) and Andrew Sugerman (Shopgirl) signing on to adapt. With a richly developed swords and sorcery world populated by a much […]