Islam Requires Muslims To Protect Christians

Kashif Chaudry on the true relationship between Christianity and Islam.

The H.E.R.O. Corps

We throw the word hero around a little too casually these days. Here are some men who earn the title.

“Don’t Be Chicken”

Joe McCurdy, with a story of bullies, courage and fatherhood.

“Who Taught my Baby Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?” Surviving the First Year of Fatherhood.

Brett Ortler takes us on a rollicking look at the changes that happened and the things he learned during his son’s first year of life.

“Safety has become a fetish for parents as an illusion of control.”

This is a comment by Nick, mostly on the post “I’m a Sh** Parent Like Tony Hawk. Aren’t You?”

Unveiling the Taboo: Days of Dialogue to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

Removing the stigma around talking about sexual violence against men is key to the path to recovery and a healthier, safer world.

Did Your Parents Love You Too Much?

Is it possible to be TOO loved as a child? Owen Marcus discusses the balance parents and children must find between too much protection and too much freedom.