What I’m Learning About My Son’s First Home Away From Home

Many parents dread the day that their children leave the nest. I’m grateful to have been liberated by my empty nest.

Comment of the Day: ‘many people have this idea that prostitutes must be disease ridden’

Are there misconceptions about the sex industry?

Simple Guide to Childproofing Your Home

Pay attention to these key areas.

‘Room’ is a Beautiful Meditation on the Mother-Son Relationship

Amma Marfo reflects on her most powerful film experience of the year.

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Understanding Chivalry; It’s Not Doors

One man tries to make sense of our modern version of chivalry.

An Open Letter to Men Who Think They’re Immune to Rape Culture

Dudes, Just STOP.

The Presidential ‘Beast’

Embed from Getty Images Our President is an important man that must be kept safe at all times. ––– This means taking extreme measure to ensure his safety no matter where he is. One thing that has been specifically designed to keep the president safe is his Cadillac car called “The Beast”. This infographic shows […]

Nick Trotta and the Secret Service: One Man’s Climb up the Ladder

Not many people get the chance to serve and protect 5 Presidents of the United States, but Nick Trotta did just that.

Circle of Trust – Online Friendship Boundaries

How has the digital age impacted how we choose and interact with our inner sanctum of true and trusted friends?

Please Don’t Threaten My Son For Dating Your Daughter

Enough with the tired gender norms we impose on our teenagers when they begin dating.

3 Ways “The Godfather” Taught Me to Be a Good Man

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4 Words That Will Make—or Break—Your Relationship

Theresa Byrne boils down the dynamics of couplehood into one 4-word phrase.

Reflections On Being Raised By A Father

…who didn’t know his Father

War and Circumstance: The Brutalization of My Brothers

Austin Harrington reflects on the unprovoked, violent attacks on fellow African Americans by police.

First Impressions: Why We Keep Our Real Selves Hidden When We Meet New People

Meeting someone for the first time is like meeting yourself all over again.