4 Words That Will Make—or Break—Your Relationship

Theresa Byrne boils down the dynamics of couplehood into one 4-word phrase.

Reflections On Being Raised By A Father

…who didn’t know his Father

War and Circumstance: The Brutalization of My Brothers

Austin Harrington reflects on the unprovoked, violent attacks on fellow African Americans by police.

First Impressions: Why We Keep Our Real Selves Hidden When We Meet New People

Meeting someone for the first time is like meeting yourself all over again.

Who Is Responsible for Keeping Kids Safe From Sexual Abuse?

Knowledge is power. Especially for our children.

Remembering the Soldiers

Vaughn Granier on giving respect to those who give the “ultimate sacrifice”.

First Rule of War: Don’t Target Civilians, Especially Women & Children

War is insanity and brings about pain, death and misery. Peace equals life, prosperity and happiness. What do you chose?

“I can’t fathom what it’s like not to have a dad.”

This comment by Dr. Richard Norris on the post Where Men are Needed and Fathers are Few

5 Things My Dog Taught Me About God

Lori Lothian is pretty sure there’s something divine about man’s best friend.

Fighting for My God-Given Right to Own Cobras

James Stafford, in defense of cobras for self-defense.

This Is What Family Should Be

Craig Playstead looks at the three traits of successful families.

Want a More Organized, Secure Digital Life? Try LifeKeep

LifeKeep is a secure and personal cloud account for storing photos, financial records, documents, and even all the passwords you can’t remember!

“Safety has become a fetish for parents as an illusion of control.”

This is a comment by Nick, mostly on the post “I’m a Sh** Parent Like Tony Hawk. Aren’t You?”

Gay Teen Suicide Victim Was Bullied

Kathryn DeHoyos questions what the responsibility of school administration is when students don’t report being bullied.

“Maybe your meddling will save lives. Maybe it will prevent him from doing it again.”

These are comments by mike sullivan, Rihannon, and Jo on the post “I Know Who Raped You This Morning”.

“They can BE boys without anyone telling them to slow down, be quiet, or stay clean.”

This is a comment by Texpat on the post “Proof of Harm – The Boy Scouts’ ‘Perversion Files'”.