The Snags and Snares of Male Decision Making

decisions, decision making, choice

When it seems like whatever decision you make will reinforce a male stereotype or break a male-centric taboo, what’s a man to do?

Is Non-Violence A Christian Requirement?

Knotted gun

Jeff Eagan reflects on practicing Christian non-volience in an unthinkable situation.

Dad v. Scorpion


Father of three Thomas Beatie left Hawaii to get away from weird bugs. But he moved to Arizona, home of the scorpion.

#49: Aurora


There were more heroes than villains in that Aurora, Colorado movie theater where twelve were killed.

The Knight/Beast Dichotomy


Just as women are trapped by the stereotypes of the virgin/whore dichotomy, so do good guy/bad guy stereotypes trap men. Ozy Frantz breaks down how these cultural images work.

‘Knight in Shining Armor’ Syndrome

Bar Friends Chicago

There’s probably no better place on earth to observe gender dynamics than in a bar on a Friday night.

There’s a Hurricane of Manliness A’Comin’


Hurricane Irene has Aaron Gouveia imagining a post-storm zombie apocalypse where he kills his own food and protects his family.

The Protector

Don’t trust your kids? There’s an app for that!