I Drum Because I’ve Exhausted All Words


A drum solo tribute to black men and boys brutalized by police.

A Question About the Darrin Manning Case That Still Hasn’t Been Answered

Darrin Manning

Why hasn’t the racial makeup of the grand jury convened for Darrin Manning’s case been disclosed?

Why I Can’t Watch the Video of the NYPD Murdering Eric Garner


Taxpayer-funded hate crimes, like the murder of Eric Garner, is particularly traumatizing to blacks who are already distrustful of police.

Talking Politics with My Daughter: The Neverlution will be Continuously Televised

Talking Politics with My Daughter: The Neverlution will be Continuously Televised

Sean Davis tried to talk about current events with his teenaged daughter and she shrugged. So he decided to give her a history lesson.

“I Don’t Love This Religion Anymore”: A Conversation With Zach Phelps-Roper


Another of the Phelps family, Zach Phelps-Roper, has left the Westboro Baptist Church Cult and is telling his story. What are we to return to people who spew so much hate?

“Are We Stupid or Must We Simply Demand Better, Smarter Ads?”

Being Stupid

VIDEO: Hill Holliday Makes a “Men Are Stupid: Ad for LG

Why Is the Media Silent? #PrayForVenezuela


Eduardo Garcia spent most of his youth in Venezuela, and it breaks his heart to see how it’s being torn apart, its people killed. Even worse, why is the world ignoring it?

Mother of Black Boys Speaks Out Against Their Harsh Reality

1-Racist America

Child advocate Andrea-Lawful Trainer says she’s running out of ways to tell her black sons that people hate them.

Young Boy Brutalized By Police Meets with Lawyer, Investigators

police brutality

A fourteen year-old teenage boy who was the victims of violent actions by Tullytown police begins his long road to find justice.

Brothers, Mothers of Black Boys Protest Philly’s District Attorney

mothers and brothers-c norris

Philadelphia’s First African-American District Attorney Comes Under Fire After Mothers of Imprisoned Black Boys Demand Their Freedom

Bikers Guard Child’s Funeral From Westboro Baptists

nicholas scott mccabe, westboro baptist church

The Patriot Guard Riders rallied at the funeral of a child to protect his family from the protests of the Westboro Baptist Church.

UNICEF Tackles Slacktivism


How can nonprofits best make use of the watered down altruism of slacktivism?

UN Declares Force-Feeding Breach of International Law

Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike AP Inmates

Inmates on a hunger strike are being force-fed by US authorities at Guantanamo Bay jail.