Race And Our “Oh This Again” Attitude

Changing our laws is like changing our clothes. The outside changes, but the inside doesn’t.

In South Africa: Students Protest Tuition Hikes

Thousands of South African university students have taken to the streets in the biggest unified student protests since the first democratic elections in 1994.

Is Mainstream Media to Blame for Riots in Ferguson and Baltimore?

Are riots exactly what the mainstream media wants?

His Words Empathize With Their Rage, His Indifference to a Murder Inflames It

The District Attorney in Philadelphia knows unmitigated police misconduct erodes the public trust, yet refuses to seek justice on behalf of Mr. Brandon Tate-Brown.

How Fox News Let a Bureaucrat off the Hook for Murder

Instead of investigating why Brandon Tate-Brown’s crime scene was staged to support a false narrative, Fox News’ Mr. Chris Wallace soft-balled the Philadelphia police commissioner, enabling him to ramble about black-on-black crime and dead cops.

The Indisputable Impact of #BlackLivesMatter

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has impacted our news, politics, and society; whether for good or bad is a matter of opinion.