#ICantBreathe Protests Are About Humanity. The Death of #EricGarner…That’s About Racism

I cant breathe

If you are not checking the ‪#‎ICantBreathe‬ photos, you are missing this generation’s civil rights movement.

What Ferguson Should’ve Taught Us About Critical Thinking

Police In Riot Gear

As a black man and father, Doyin Richards urges people to think critically before discussing the unrest in Ferguson and other hot-button topics.

Ferguson: A Slice of the World and the World Itself

racism kills

Kenneth Patricio sees #Ferguson as a microcosm of the struggles of a larger world.

Huge Protests Expected Following Deaths of Two Teens

Hands up banner

All eyes are on St. Louis this weekend. It could be a powder keg ready to blow under the right conditions.

Hong Kong Protests Push for Greater Democracy


The growing protests in Hong Kong have gripped the world’s attention.

Protests a Warning to China of Dangers Posed by Hong Kong Wealth Gap

hong kong

As protests clog the streets, Beijing’s reliance on a peaceful financial hub in HK becomes ever clearer.

Shadow of Military Looms Large Over Pakistan Street Protests


As anti-government demonstrators take to the streets, are darker forces moving against Pakistan’s first democratically elected leader?

The World Watches Ferguson, but Racial Discrimination is Also a Health Issue Across the US


Discrimination of black people is widespread in the US and it takes its toll on health.

It’s Not Just the World Cup Brazilians are Protesting About

belo monte dam

Brazilians continue to protest against the cost of putting on the World Cup. But there are numerous other mega-developments that their government has splashed out on, fuelling dissatisfaction.

What They’re Saying About Fred Phelps

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JJ Vincent asked people for their thoughts about the death of Fred Phelps. Here’s what they said.

Welcome To The New Cold War


Russia’s invasion of Crimea is a new chapter in American-Russian relations, and the same old story for former Soviet republics.

Conservative Lawmakers And Arizona Businesses Urge Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Bill

turn arizona blue

Business pushes back as support starts to grow for a national boycott of Arizona. — This post orginally appeared on ThinkProgress. By Zach Ford The national spotlight is now shining on Arizona as Gov. Jan Brewer (R) weighs whether to sign the controversial “license to discriminate” bill (SB 1062) passed by the legislature last week. Though the […]

I am a Ukrainian: A Protest Video


Coming out of the current unrest in Ukraine this video looks to bring the reality of the protests to the eyes of the world.

Video From Ukraine Protests Show A Nation On The Brink of War

ukraine protests

Ukrainian protests against the government have turned deadly. Here’s what you need to know. (Warning: video contains graphic content)

My Daughter, My Hero

My daughter my hero

Why my daughter’s generation will do what the Woodstock and Gen X generations didn’t.

McDonald’s Budget Plan Leaves Out Critical Line: Corporate Welfare

mcdonalds and minimum wage

Peter S. Goodman believes raising the minimum wage would be a jolt of stimulus benefiting everyone — because otherwise minimum wage earners need government assistance just to survive.