I Want a New Definition of Masculinity


The modern definition of what makes a man is damaging. Conor O’Shea is tired of it.



Sometimes men get so hung up on a particular definition of “success” that they fail to realize the good they’re doing just by being themselves. J.D. Smith reminds us of this important lesson in a poem that deftly engages the mythic.

While I Was Traveling You Were Busy Scoring Goals

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It took a long time for Christian R. Ward to realize that working and traveling in order to provide for them meant that he missed out on the everyday rhythm of his daughters’ lives.

“Men are going to have to break through the old gender roles and do more child care and people overall are going to have to learn to deal with it.”

dad child care

This comment by Danny on the post The Incredibly Low Bar: Let’s Change the Stereotypes about Dad’s

What Are You Doing To A Man When You Call Him A Good Provider?


Mark Greene believes that when you call a man a provider, he is at risk for leaving the intimate daily emotional life of the family.

American Men Can’t Win the “War on Poverty”


We need to progress from the language of “war, conquering and oppression” to a language of “respect, engagement and interdependence.”

Measure of Man 2013 and Beyond

Tsach Gilboa

The role of man and the nature of “manhood” is changing. And it should be defined and determined for men by men, as women so successfully did for women.

Future Anxieties and First World Problems

White Picket Fence photo by Timothy Tolle

Pat Brothwell worries about a future where he is able to provide a woman with the kind of lifestyle he’d expect himself to provide, even though he’s currently single with no prospects.

The 6 Weights of Manhood

Dr Vibe and the six weights of manhood

What does it mean to be a man in this day and age? Let us know if these 6 tenets resonate with you — and add your own.

Call for Submissions: The Economy and Me

the economy and me Photo by eden pictures

A call for submissions about the ways that the economy is affecting you personally.

The Value of a Man

The Value of a Man photo by seabamirum

Veronica Grace can’t understand how the man she loves only sees his value in terms of a traditional, successful job.

Ovulation Leads Women to Think Sexy Men Will Make Good Fathers


New research reveals ovulation may cause women to think attractive but unreliable men will make good fathers and life partners.

“Traditional gender roles breaking down threatens people’s self-concept and identity.”


This is a comment by Jonathan G on the post “My Sons’ Easy-Bake Oven Shame”.

Alternatives to Marriage: 12/1


Do you have to get married?

“Couples need to honor and respect the contributions each partner makes.”

Riktiga män

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“A ‘head of the household’ belongs in a world where wives and children are property.”

This is a comment by Lars Fisher on the post “It Doesn’t Matter Who Wears the Pants: A Response to Hannah Rosin and The New York Times”.