Women Seek Help, Men Die: New Findings on Depression and Suicide Will Save Millions of Lives

Although depression is reportedly twice as likely to occur in women, men are more than twice as likely to commit suicide. Jed Diamond’s research into these lopsided figures show how diagnoses of depression are charged with cultural norms of gender.

Would You Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs?

Is it ethically defensible to “treat” a healthy individual so that he can excel in a given career? Is it ethically defensible to deny him that treatment?

Music for Boys

Why Fiona Apple’s music mattered to Vincent Scarpa, even when he thought it wasn’t supposed to.

The Ghost of Edward Hopper Tries Prozac

Two pop cultural icons—Edward Hopper and Prozac—together in one poem.

Semen: The New Prozac

We talked to Gordon G. Gallup Jr., the psychologist who conducted the original semen-as-antidepressant study.

No Exit: A Poor Man’s Gadgetry

New cartoons from Andy Singer.