The Power Of Pain: A Dark Secret To Everlasting Love

In a deep well looking

Steven Lake shows us the surprising power of pain to strengthen your relationship – if you survive it.

Sex and Tarot: Surprisingly Good Combination


Natalie Vartanian’s used to looking for insight in unusual places, but not used to finding quite this much.

Confession Time: I Called a Phone Psychic

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 2.38.05 PM

Jamie Reidy undergoes a psychic reading on the phone and writes about it—as predicted.

Dear John: Love Her, Hate Her Kids


This week Dear John address unruly kids ruining a relationship, an alarmist sister, and a fifteen-year-old’s dye job.

Whose Life Is This?


Keith Doyle, a man with second sight and precognitive dreams sees pregnancy, and abortion, in a different light.

Strange Freedom

walking out the door

In quitting a job, Rick Belden finds a strange new sensation: freedom.

Science: Sixth Sense? Empirical Evidence of Extrasensory Perception Found

New studies prove that something humans share with butterflies may mean we know more than we believe.