5 Reasons It’s So Hard to Leave Crazy

5 Reasons Why It's by Loren Javier

You’re in a place that makes no sense, and you can’t find your way out. It’s called … crazy.

Sociopaths Are The New Narcissists: A Look At Two Disorders


Dame Yankee diagnoses the characters of Orange is the New Black, and makes some interesting points along the way.

Preferring Electric Shock to the Shock of Being Alone


Patricia O’Laughlin offers six things you can do to minimize the shock of your own feelings.

How to Move From Pain to Healing

How to Move From by glasseyes view

Suffering is universal, but how we handle it is not. Thomas Fiffer opens the way to healing through a window in his heart.

Using Psychology to Get YOur Wallet Back


You might be surprised at this simple way to increase the odds of getting your wallet back.

Learnings from an Emotional Abuser to the World


Alejandro Flores was an insulting and emotionally abusive partner to the person he most loved. He reflects back on the darkness of those times, and on the light ahead.

Why You Are Not My Father


Seth Trent’s father was a bastard.

The 1 Thing Happy People Don’t Do

Stop Waiting, Start Living by Nathan ONions

Thomas Fiffer shares a single, simple pitfall that happy people avoid.

Guys, We Get Mood Swings, Too… And Here’s How to Decode Them


Dr. Bill Cloke explains that moods are more than just random afflictions, but a lens through which we see the world – and there are effective ways to manage them.

6 Qualities That Make You a Love Magnet

6 Not So Obvious by AJ Cann

Forget about ripped abs, bulging biceps, and a flat stomach, as well as a fat bank account, friends in high places, and your own private jet. These six personality traits power the pull of magnetic attraction.

What Do You Do When She Doesn’t Want to “Do It?”

sex, men, women, "doing it"

Some guys complain that women won’t do things that men want, sexually. Or worse, they aren’t into sex, at all.

Dear 15 Year-Old Me: A Monster Is Coming, And With It, Darkness

anxiety, depression, panic attacks

Build your arsenal now. Gather your good friends, and hold them close. Strengthen your mind to block out the roars.

Alone at Life’s Threshold

threshold, college, senior year, graduation, real world, graduating, next steps

College senior, Dan Ferman, admits he’s scared. Nevertheless, he embraces the challenges ahead.

Psychology and the Chance of Bringing Peace to Syria


With 100,000 people killed and 10 million displaced, is there hope for peace in Syria? Yes. But only if we can overcome the self-defeating psychology of revenge.

The World’s Smallest Hotel Room

deep dark

Mike Snelle knows how it feels to be just a few moments away from taking his own life. He also knows how it feels to recover.

Should We Forgive Men Who Abuse Others?

Is Forgiveness Important for Men who Have Hurt Others

Nathaniel Smith shares how forgiveness is a vital component for abusive men trying to change.