People On The Move: What To Do About All The Homeless People?

Kosovo Refugees

A travel experience caused Dr. Jed Diamond to reflect on the staggering amount of refugees and displaced persons in our world today.

The Mask

the mask. photo by miss_millions

A super-short work of fiction by Mark Sherman that the Woodstock Times called “a great, psychodrama-short story (involving psychoanalysis, no less).”

Poetry, Therapy, and Becoming a Good Man


Poetry Editor Charlie Bondhus writes about poetry, problem-solving, and how writing well can help you become a better man.

How My Father Healed from Chronic Mental Illness

Father and Son Big Stock

Jed Diamond’s father got shuffled through the mental health system for years, until a loving, “slow medicine” helped him heal.


Bad Medicine: Teens and Alcohol

teens drinking, teens alcohol, teens decision making, teens development, My First Drink, Dr. Bill Cloke

Teens and young adults are more likely to drink without regard for the consequences, making “self-medication” with drugs and alcohol even more dangerous.

How Social Messages Can Make a Man a Bad Lover

Pablo Neruda, love poetry, relationships, men's desire, men's sexuality, how to attract women, how to make love

What you believe may keep you from greater intimacy and satisfaction.

What Men Really Want

psychotherapy, men in therapy, men's sexuality, relationships, horny men, men want sex

Men may think what they want is shockingly antisocial, but digging deeper reveals that what men truly want is actually quite ordinary and healthy.

The Monk was Celibate, and Then Not…

wedding photo

A newlywed psychotherapist meditates on the goodness of her marriage to a monk

Why Are Men Four Times More Likely to Kill Themselves Than Women?


Keeping your problems to yourself can make them seem worse.

One Fake Shrink Who’s Really Comforting


Therapy from a man’s point of view.

Are You Man Enough for Therapy?


It takes courage and strength, but it’s worth learning how to benefit from a therapeutic relationship.

Six Things Couples Can Do to Make Room for the Emotional Man


Patricia O’Laughlin, Marriage and Family Therapist, encourages couples to embrace the male’s emotional self.

I Turned 50, Hit a Wall, Fought Like a Steer

photo by Larry1732

Merv Kaufman approached psychotherapy as he would a real estate scam — kicking and screaming. Fortunately for him, it helped anyway.

On Boys, Suicide, and the Lessons of Unfilled Holes

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“We need to teach our boys that they can bear suffering and loss without shame … that anger is a question that deserves deeper answers than punishment or silence.”