American Sniper and the Impact of War

Valerie Complex, a fellow military veteran, dissects the best selling movie and shows how war affects everyone.

My Husband Was Named in the Ashley Madison Hack

You never know what anyone is going through behind closed doors, and you don’t have to know, either. Some things really are nobody else’s business.

When Healing Is Boring: Supporting Support for Men

Reconnection, testimony…boring? These are just some of the ways to describe men’s healing, and Rick Goodwin shows us how.

31 Reasons to Become a Premium Member of The Good Men Project (Plus 5 Extra Bonuses)

Why what we are doing here is so important.

Someone You Love is in Crisis. Now What?

When crisis strikes someone you love, it is easy to become paralyzed. Here’s what’s helpful and what isn’t.

Where Trauma Can Take You – My Darkest Places

Sam De Silva shares his first-hand accounts of trauma.

How To Help Your Partner Work Past Sexual Abuse

Jordan Gray says that the resulting emotions left over from sexual abuse can be healed with these three, loving steps.  —– Although this is the first time I’ve written about it publicly, the issue of sexual abuse is one that is very important to me. I have had multiple friends and lovers who have had […]

What Defines Blackness?

Dr. Vibe asks a group of Black men about the Rachel Dolezal story and if blackness be defined

A Dad’s Advice to Jim Bob Duggar: You Can’t Fix It If You Deny It Exists

Today, two dads have some input for the Duggar parents. In the first, dad Matt Sweetwood speaks father to patriarch with some solid wisdom.

Why Men Might Not Go to Therapy

It might not be the men who need to change. It might be the therapists.

PTSD and the War at Home: A Soldier’s Story of Return and Recovery

Sgt Billy Caviness, who was wounded in Afghanistan, recounts his battle with post-traumatic stress disorder.

I Am a Stigma Fighter

Despite escaping with my life while thousands of others died on the island, it wasn’t the first wave, or the second wave of the Asian Tsunami, that came closest to killing me.

PTSD – Despite the Pain, There Is Still Hope

After surviving the devastating 2004 tsunami, Sam de Silva says, “Despite the pain, there is still hope.”

2 Times Twitter Reminded Me Why I Fight

How I ended up in tears on Twitter twice.

PTSD is About Progress Not Perfection

I went AWOL again. This isn’t the story I wanted to write…

His Dogs Saved His Life. Can Yours Do The Same For You?

Shawn Henfling looks back at the effect his dogs have had on his own mental health.