Teacher Gerald Conti Resigns “My profession…no longer exists”


Education is the foundation of an enlightened and prosperous society. We need great teachers to get there.We need Gerald Conti Back

Conversation with Chad Smith after Tonight Show Drum-off.


“He had to use the cow bell to win! It was fixed. I was robbed, but it’s ok.” Chad Smith tells us all the dish on the Tonight Show, what it’s like looking a lot like Will Ferrell, his recent visit to the White House, and why he cares so much about reviving music education in America’s public schools.

4 Things I Wished I Learned in Public School & Why

Barratt Front

My entire childhood was spent registered as Philadelphia Public School student, yet the information I needed to succeed was learned outside school walls.

Mass Stabbing at Pittsburgh School


Its time to stop teaching to the test and start helping kids learn 21st Century educational and interpersonal skills.

New Guidelines Propose Change in Science Education


Changes could be on the way for science classes across the nation with the release of the Next Generation Science Standards.

A Perfect Test


A San Francisco native travels to the Mississippi Delta for lessons on another America.

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