All I Want for Christmas… is Man’s Best Friend

Sometimes, a rescue dog is a perfect gift for the whole family.

Why I Am Teaching My Son That Tears Take Courage

Colette Sartor wants to encourage, not quash, her son’s ability to cry, and notices that it challenges her own feelings about emotions and crying.

10 Things I Didn’t Expect to Learn Today

JJ Vincent was at his usual Saturday Artist’s Market, where he learns something new every weekend…most of them things he never expects.

How to Fix Your Life

“My best friend’s father died. I went on eBay and tried to buy a new best friend, but all the best friends on eBay were too expensive.” By Mark Baumer

Just What the Doctor Ordered: Adorable Pug Puppies Take a Bath (Video)

Your weekly dose of cute to destress from your day.

Our Pets: 12/14

Men and boys and their animal companions.

Better Than Prozac

Women love puppies.

The Puppy Bowl

This would be Old Dan’s last Puppy Bowl.  He had been a Redbone Coonhound at a time when most of the pups were still English Bulldogs, but the game had changed.  In other words, it wasn’t the same as it had once been. “What’s most notable about this Puppy Bowl is how it’s different from […]

Dating: Why You and Optimus Prime Should Stroke Puppies

Unfortunately, Optimus Prime remains single.