The Resting Seriousface: Smile or You Will Be Shamed

Recent research has uncovered the cause of the Resting Seriousface and it’s not pretty.

When Queens Duke it Out Over End of the Year Tidings

End of year tidings were given by two queens this year. One, the Queen of England, the other by the self proclaimed Queen of Ireland. What’s this have to do with The Good Men Project? Well, one of the queens is a good man.

The Suicide of Kate Middleton’s Nurse – Should We Bully the Bullies?

Whether we’re talking about school bullies, Daniel Tosh, or the radio personalities who humiliated a nurse into suicide, the worst thing we can do is lose our own sense of empathy.

The 10 at 10: December 6

Beard hats, overly friendly Santas, and the ultimate gift for used-underwear connoisseurs: today’s 10 at 10.