Boys in Chairs: Body Image, Boyfriends, Sexuality and Self-image

boys in chairs andrew photo

Andrew Morrison-Gurza shares some of the experiences of being “the guy in the chair” in the dating world, and what we can learn from them.

Look to LGBQ and Older Couples for Good Relationship Advice


In a society where much research has been conducted into the stresses on relationships and marriage breakdowns, these new findings reveal some positive and affirming things about couples.

On Lance Bass and Coming out in a Small Town

Lance Bass

Lance Bass came out of the closet and you won’t believe what I thought about his mother!

Why I Wear Nail Polish

nail polish

Jonathan Reed is rebelling against a society that doesn’t want him to be himself.

15% Of People Think Bisexuality Isn’t A Thing

Photo: Peter Salanki/Flickr.

People who hotly deny bisexuality might want to do some thinking about why the idea bothers them so much.

Call for Submissions: Gender and Sexuality

Call for Submissions: Gender and Sexuality

JJ Vincent is looking for a few good writers. Do you have a story to tell?

Don’t Wait for the Next Policy Issue to Be an Ally in the Fight for LGBT Equality

BornThisWay Guillaume Paumier 2013_09_30

Timothy Oleksiak wants to point out — It’s not just about policy.

This Is Not An Article About Being Positive


When Joseph Varisco was diagnosed as being HIV+, he learned a lot of things. But mostly he learned just how complex people can be.

LGBTQ Mentoring Program Transforms Life for Chicago Students

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Lincoln Park High School is a pioneer for a new type of LGBTQ club that gives individuals the support they seek.

“Marriage as a tradition does not belong to *them* – it belongs to an *us* that includes me. “


This comment was by Tobias, on the post Same-Sex Marriage is Not Enough.


photo by Robbie Foley

Tom West embraces his sexuality. He figures the rest of the world will catch up soon enough.

Everything You Need to Keep Up With the Prop 8 & DOMA Hearings


Want to keep up with the hearings and make sense of what you’re reading? Here are some ways to get started.

Young Boys Need Self-Esteem to Survive

photo by malias

Anthony Carter knows how hard it is to survive a childhood that was critical of who he was. He wants that to change for the boys of today.

California is First to Protect Gay Minors from Antigay “Therapy”


Annie Scudder of TrèsSugar talks about the measures taken by the golden state for LGBTQ teens.

Ending Homophobia, One Brother at a Time


The key to ending homophobia might be to open the conversation and create safe spaces.

NHS Failing Gay and Bi Men?

TweetA recent survey has suggested that Britain’s National Health Service is not succeeding in providing appropriate care to gay and bi men. Fortunately, 81% of gay and bi men say their current general practitioner is “good.” However: A third of gay and bi men have had a negative experience related to their sexuality and the […]