Ray Lewis: On Greatness

ray lewis GMP quote

Former Ravens Linebacker, Ray Lewis, on building Greatness every day from the ground up.

Arthur Ashe: On Greatness

Arthur Ashe Sletch

Legendary tennis great, Arthur Ashe, on the joy of pushing yourself to the limits.

On Greatness: Collecting The Inspirational Stuff of Sports

mountain inspiration

With our new feature, On Greatness, we will be looking to capture the inspirational heart of sports by bringing you the powerful quotes and imagery from the world of Sports. Join us! If you have a favorite sports quote, please send us your submission.

Soul Bites: Kindness Breeds Kindness


Lao Tzu on kindness.

Soul Bites: Light a Little Happiness

light a little happiness

The Buddha reminds you that you can spare a light.

10 Uplifting Quotes for When Bad Things Happen


Lori Lothian’s favorite soul-saving wisdoms for really tough times.

Quote of the Day: The Actions of Men

Quote of the day

by John Locke

We Need to Talk About “Frape” – Or: How to Block Friends and Influence People

fb thumbs

Your buddy leaves his computer. He’s still logged in on Facebook. Time for a gay joke?

6 Great Quotes from the Guy Who Taught Us That Science is Actually Pretty Cool


Read 6 quotes of wisdom and hilarity from everyone’s favorite: Bill Nye the Science Guy.

The Good Voice Campaign Vol.1


The Good Men Project presents the first installment of The Good Voice Campaign. A collection of voices, submitted by you.

Chiune Sugihara on Doing What Is Right


In 1940, Chiune Sugihara found himself swamped by a desperate crowd of Jewish refugees. This is why he helped them.

Ross Perot on the Environment


‘The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty.’

Picasso on a Mother’s Advice


‘Instead, I was a painter and became Picasso.’

Steve Jobs on What Matters Most


‘Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me.’

B. Toys Appreciates Children’s Words of Wisdom

B. creates toys that celebrate children's individuality

Does your child often surprise you with funny and insightful comments? If so, perhaps you ought to share them with B., the award-winning toy company who wants share them with the world.

Men on Addiction

Addicted To

We asked men from around the country, What are you addicted to? This is what they told us.