Inspiration Unpacked: Quotes Quotidien

quotation marks

Michael Kasdan explains what he loves about a good quote and shares from his ever-growing quote collection.

Say What? (Version 1.0)


In this new regular weekly feature, The Good Men Project’s International Sports Editor David Packman will take a look at the top ten most memorable quotes from the world of sport in the past week.

15 Quotes on Masculinity for 2015


Jed Diamond compiled 15 of the best quotes on masculinity to start off the year right.

Katharine Hepburn Knows Nothing About Bootstraps or White Privilege

white privilege

Ignoring white privilege is enemy number one residing in the hearts of white liberals everywhere. Billy Flood explains.

Bob Feller: On Greatness


The baseball great on opportunity, failure, and success.

A Well Trained Man Reflects on Tea

reflection  Stewart:Flickr

Inner balance can be found in a cup of tea. Rick Matz shares his favorite quotes about this meditative beverage.

5 Quotes From Bill Gates That Prove You Need to Fail to Succeed


A completely self-made man, Gates is a testament to the fact that unabashed optimism and improbable dreams can lead to exponential success.

A 2-Minute Video For When You Need To Dig Deep


We often use metaphors from fighting to get through the struggles of our everyday lives. Here’s one inspiring video that shows why.

Moving Photo Project Shows Dads In The Moments After They First Become Fathers


Photographer Dave Young captures new fathers’ reactions and expressions after the birth of their children in 8 amazing photos.

Ray Lewis: On Greatness

ray lewis GMP quote

Former Ravens Linebacker, Ray Lewis, on building Greatness every day from the ground up.

Arthur Ashe: On Greatness

Arthur Ashe Sletch

Legendary tennis great, Arthur Ashe, on the joy of pushing yourself to the limits.

On Greatness: Collecting The Inspirational Stuff of Sports

mountain inspiration

With our new feature, On Greatness, we will be looking to capture the inspirational heart of sports by bringing you the powerful quotes and imagery from the world of Sports. Join us! If you have a favorite sports quote, please send us your submission.

Soul Bites: Kindness Breeds Kindness


Lao Tzu on kindness.

Soul Bites: Light a Little Happiness

light a little happiness

The Buddha reminds you that you can spare a light.

10 Uplifting Quotes for When Bad Things Happen


Lori Lothian’s favorite soul-saving wisdoms for really tough times.

Quote of the Day: The Actions of Men

Quote of the day

by John Locke