We Need To Be Brave And Stand Up To Evil

tianaman square

In the aftermath of the Rotherham Child Exploitation scandal, too much focus has been put on the ethnicity and religion of the criminals. Andrew Lawes believes fear is the real issue. He wants to help you be brave.

A Troll’s Quest: On Holly Fisher and Other Remoras


In just a few days Holly Fisher has gained 23,000 Twitter followers, been featured in nearly every “news” source and has became, at once, an overnight darling and an overnight joke. But how did she do it?

HuffPost Live: Decapitating Extremism (VIDEO)

huffpost live

Mike Sacks discusses the attack in Woolwich, London, and extremism with a panel of experts on Islam and the Quran.

If Cheerleaders Don’t Convert You, Chuck Norris Will


Sorry, Chuck, winning a lawsuit so cheerleaders can hoist Bible banners at Texas high school football games actually isn’t a win for religious liberty.

Officials Report Gitmo Hunger Strikers Now Number 100

guantanamo hunger striker

Lawyers for the detainees insist that the military is still “undercounting” the number of men on hunger strike.

Who Is Greater?

peace, absalom aleichem, world peace, Islam, Muslim Americans, Muslim American boys, Tsarnaev brothers, Boston bombing, American culture

What makes someone like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev vulnerable to radicalization? A Muslim American parent of two young men asks a question that strikes close to home.

US Notifies Attorneys if Clients are Force-Fed at Guantanamo


For the first time the US military is notifying lawyers of Guantanamo detainees if their clients have been force-fed.

NEWSER: Gitmo Hunger Strike Grows


Attorneys for the detainees claim 100 of the 166 inmates are on a hunger strike, but a spokesman for the camp said that number and the allegations behind the strike are “outright falsehoods.”

What the #$%!? The Worst Men of 2010


Here’s a toast to the year’s douchebags—the guys who made us all look like heroes.

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