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The Civil War: The One We Fought, The One We’re Still Fighting

It officially ended 150 years ago on April 9 in Appomattox with General Lee’s surrender, but the deep divisions that produced the Civil War still roil our national psyche.

This is How Stupid You Look When You Stereotype People

One woman assumes Louis CK is going to co-sign her bigotry… but she doesn’t know he’s actually Mexican.

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“As a parent, it is my hope that Ferguson will be the catalyst for meaningful dialogue at home.”

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12 Year-Old Shot by Police: No Safe Place For Black Children

Denene Millner says it’s time to stop telling Black parents to stay calm and time to stop the senseless killing of our children by any means necessary.

All My Heroes Are Monsters

Curtis Cook still wants to be a comic, but now more than ever he wants to be a different man than so many of the male comics who came before him.