12 Year-Old Shot by Police: No Safe Place For Black Children

Tamir Rice horizontal

Denene Millner says it’s time to stop telling Black parents to stay calm and time to stop the senseless killing of our children by any means necessary.

All My Heroes Are Monsters

bill cosby heroes are monsters

Curtis Cook still wants to be a comic, but now more than ever he wants to be a different man than so many of the male comics who came before him.

I Grew Up Brown in a White Family…and Here’s What I Learned About Racism


“My brownness isn’t something to be blind to or to love me in spite of. It is who I am,” writes activist Candice Russell.

Black Men Speak Out About The Death Of Michael Brown And The Events In Ferguson

Black Men Speak Out About The Death Of Michael Brown And The Events In Ferguson

Dr. Vibe host a panel of black men from the United States and Canada where they give their thoughts about the death of Michael Brown and the events in Ferguson, Missouri   Dr. Vibe gets thoughts from Victory Unlimited, Henri Morris, Christopher Norris, Roger Dundas and Derrick Miller about the death of Michael Brown and […]

Donald Sterling vs Black People/Product


For Wilkine Brutus, Donald Sterling’s racist comments reminded him that he does and will continue to exist in a wide shadow.

China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the US

China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the U.S.A. by wootom

These five countries all have something in common. They are the top five countries for prisoners put to death.

Be Honest With Yourself – How Racist Are You?

white privilege napkin

Damian Davidson sits down and takes a good, honest look at himself. And he wants you to do the same.

Love Letter to White People

flag, bars

White America, I am trying to love you in a different way, an honest way, a way that requires progressive change. I love you, and we need to do better.

Viva La Revolución


Douglas Miles profiles photographer Eriberto Oriol, who utilizes the camera as a weapon against poverty, class struggle, racism, genocide and American apathy.

Callsign: Hatred


Think it’s not about race? Thaddeus Howze explains what life is like for a Black man in the USA.

Common Native American Stereotypes Debunked

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Regardess of whether it’s a positive or negative stereotype, Shannon Ridgway asserts that generalizations about people based upon race or ethnicity are harmful.

Raising Trilingual Children in America


Marriage editor Gint Aras is preserving history and forging the future by raising a trilingual family. In Chicago, as in many European cities, this is the norm.

Asian American Men and Masculinity: A Conversation


Matthew Salesses sits down with the editors of an anthology of Asian American writing to discuss the intersection of maleness and being Asian American.

A Perfect Test


A San Francisco native travels to the Mississippi Delta for lessons on another America.

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What Does Rene Betancourt’s Skateboarding Fall Say About Race in America?

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What does the search for the 3 Black men who allegedly attacked skateboarder Rene Betancourt say about society as a whole, now that we know his accident happened when Betancourt was alone?

Race, Discipline, and My Two Biracial Sons


As new data appears about the disparity of discipline based upon race and gender, Cornelius Walker wonders how the perception of race will affect his two sons.