New Documentary Explores the 1967 Newark Riots

In 1967, the arrest and beating of an African-American taxi driver by a white cop sparked a riot that killed 26 people, caused millions in damage and led to a mass exodus from the beleaguered city of Newark.

Is Bleach the New Black?

What’s with the new trend of changing your skin color?

The Small but not Insignificant Privilege of Being Poor

Reflecting on the privileges of attending an Ivy League school as a student born into poverty.

Why We Run #36: Because It Matters (A Spoken Word Poem, with Audio)

Kevin Wright’s poignant spoken word poem on race.

Why It Took Me 19 Years to Meet a Black Man

My first conversation with a black man occurred at the age of 19.

Family. Combat. Brothers. Race.

John M. Del Vecchio reminds us about family: It is deeper than blood and includes everyone regardless of race, creed, gender or politics.

6 Things You Need to Know About Online Dating

You won’t get this info when you sign up, but hey, you need to know.


Ed Madden juxtaposes gender, race, and paint samples in this surprising prose poem.

Comment of the Day: ‘Most ‘black’ people in America really aren’t ‘black.’

Who sets the definition for race?

Why We Still Need to Talk About Race and Privilege

Why I gotta bring up old sh*t like race?

Why are Today’s Progressive Political Heroes Still Old White Men?

Can a far-left progressive who’s also a minority make it in politics?

The Race Card Made the Oscars Relevant Again—But at What Cost?

Were the Oscars #sowhite on purpose?

The Man who Began Campaigning Against #OscarsSoWhite 74 Years Ago

Nodding heads and vague plans haven’t worked so far. It’s time for movie viewers to demand a change.

Zero Waste Guy Crosses the Finish Line: Los Angeles Marathon Recap

The marathon day was draining, but did it lead to a deeper sleep?

My African Friend, Joanie

I can’t understand the cruelty of humanity. And I know it still goes on.

Bias from Multiple Angles: An Idea Called Intersectionality

Bias comes in many different forms, and it doesn’t always add up the way we expect.