A Godless Liberal Gives Thanks

The election is behind us, and there’s plenty of people to be thankful for.

Fox Central – The Most Powerful Dames in News

Are you a conservative guy looking for the best and brightest women in TV news? Mark Ellis has a quick-referenc guide to the most powerful dames in conservative news.

A Very Important Book

While departing to far flung and exotic locales this summer, many of you may come across a book being read a certain sect of the jet set. That book, “Twilight of the Elites” by the erudite Chris Hayes may just change both the way you look at, and quite possibly, change the world.

Ultrasound Bill: Politician’s Wife Votes with Her Vagina

Jamie Reidy riffs on a Virginia lawmaker’s wife’s using sex as a political weapon to protest the Republican transvaginal ultrasound bill.