My Sons Are More Than What They Wear

ME The Boys in MV

Jacqueline DuJour is concerned about how the world sees her sons and that they will be judged by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character.

Image Is Superficial But Its Impact Is Deep

Image Is Superficial by TED

Supermodel Cameron Russell talks shop and deconstructs the power—and privilege—of image.

V8 Juice’s Poisonous Punch


Professor Warren Blumenfeld wonders what, if any, responsibility do corporations have in marketing its products?

The LAX Shooter is a Terrorist

LAX shooter and aftermath

Arsalan Iftikhar wonders what the news coverage of the LAX shooting would’ve looked like if the shooter had a non-Western name.

Police Officers in East Haven Connecticut Found Guilty of ‘Systematic Discrimination’ Against Latinos

EastHaven_AP Photo_Jessica Hill

A federal jury has found two Connecticut police officers guilty of civil rights abuses.

Shopping While Black: Man Arrested for Purchasing Belt


A man is arrested for buying a belt with his own money. The stated reason? “Because he could not afford to make such an expensive purchase.” The real reason? Let’s discuss.

What’s Worse Than Being Stopped and Frisked?

Stop n Frisk

Lincoln Anthony Blades is deeply troubled by the belief that Black folks are somehow complicit in their own racial profiling.

In The First Six Months Of 2013 Los Angeles Police Dogs Only Bit Blacks and Latinos

police dogs-AP-Mary Altaffer

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, known for systemic racial profiling, has sicced dogs on minorities at an increasing rate over the past nine years.

Federal Judge Orders Monitor for Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

joe arpaio, racism

A federal judge has prohibited an anti-immigration sheriff from using racial profiling to target Latinos during law-enforcement stops.

Bill Introduced by Federal Lawmakers Aims to End Racial Profiling By Police


Two lawmakers joined civil rights leaders Tuesday to push a bill prohibiting law enforcement officers from engaging in racial profiling and mandating training on profiling as part of all federal law enforcement training.

If You’re Scared Enough, You Can Get Away With Killing


George Zimmerman is not guilty because the jury decided that black kids are scary

Judge Rules Discrimination in Crackdown on Illegal Immigration

joe arpaio, racism

A federal judge ruled that Joe Arpaio was violating the constitutional rights of Latino drivers by targeting them and using their ethnicity to influence legal decisions in his attempts to crack down on illegal immigration.

“Unlike other groups of people, it’s pretty easy for a white person to use their skin privilege and brush off any stereotyping.”


This is a comment by Red Seven and J. Serens on the post “Yes, Black People Can Be Racist Too”.

Video: Secret Recording and Investigation into NYC’s Stop-and-Frisk Program

Screen Shot 2012-10-14 at 7.20.33 PM

Do you know what motivates cops to do so many stop-and-frisk investigations?

The Effects of Fear & Violence: Mourning Trayvon


There are ways of predicting violence. In the wake of Trayvon’s death, why aren’t we implementing them?