The Immoral Use of ‘Christian Morality’

For years politicians have used “moral issues” to distract, derail & divide the American public from addressing the real problems we need to face.

The Myth of White Purity and Narratives That Fed Racism in South Africa

How ideas about disease, risk, and danger that the apartheid government applied to black people were transposed onto fears about Satanism during the 1980s.

When Black People and the Police Collide

What to do to in order to walk away alive.

Should the U.S. Provide Reparations for Slavery and Jim Crow?

Compensatory reparations should be limited to the harms of the Jim Crow era.

Fly Takes Off at the New Victory Theater

The play’s historical tale of African American fighter pilots highlights many of the same issues we’re facing today.

When the Tempest in the Teapot Is You

What they have faced is not as difficult as what their parents went through, or their parents before them. Prejudice has been around a while.

How Donald Trump Would Destroy America (and Possibly the World)

Matthew Rozsa offers a go-to guide for explaining how Donald Trump may literally bring about the end of the world.

Dump Trump – A Moral Imperative

Trump is the validation of racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic inclinations spoken aloud, cheered.

My Heart Gently Weeps: Colorism and Race in the Black Community

Lil’ Kim’s latest look is just one more reminder – at some level we all want in, and if you want in you can’t be dark.

Thug Life?

Joseph Myers shares his vision for educational and racial equality.

Language That Could Fry Bacon: Watch Your Mouth!

There’s nothing ‘slick’ about calling yourself or your friend the ‘N’ word. No other race does this. It’s got to stop.

The Crown Ain’t Worth Much

You get high enough they’re gonna lay you on the asphalt til your blood runs back to where your Momma stays.

White Supremacy isn’t Dead. It’s Just Got Grey Hair.’

In my nightmares, I can hear my inheritance bound and gagged, sobbing in the back of history’s off-white pick-up truck.

Label The Message Not The Messenger

Pointing out what someone said is a fact. Pointing out and assuming what someone is, is conjecture, not provable and just turns into a verbal mess heading downhill into a cesspool of needless blame and defensiveness.

To the White Lady Who Called the Cops on my Black Husband

Molly Pennington is a white woman married to a black man who’s often profiled and harassed. Irrational fear of black men has to stop.