It’s 50 Years Later, Why is Everything Malcolm X Says Here Still So True?

Malcolm X

This speech given by Malcolm X fifty years ago on the subject of racism and police brutality… Why does it feel like he could stand up right now and give this same speech?

DOJ Just Concluded Ferguson Police Discriminate Based Upon Race… What Now?

AP Photo, Mike Reidel

Yes, the Ferguson Police Department has been operating based upon racial bias. But will America start listening to the voices of people being discriminated against?

“Not all White People”


I have a very modest goal for me and my white colleagues.

How the Love of a Woman Freed Me From the Bondage of Racism

hand photo by aloshbennett

Racism was defeated in this man’s heart through the actions of one amazing woman.

Will It Ever Be Possible To Eliminate Racism In Soccer?


It’s right in front of us on an international level. When is enough, enough?

Failure—What’s in a Word?

8294498558_57ac1a63fd_z (1)

Raoul Wieland takes a long, hard look at failure’s negative associations and how they hinder success.

History Is the Beast That Will Not Die, Will Not Blink

History Is by aloyr

Keith Owens reminds us of the chilling truth that while some things have changed in the South, some things remain the same.

Why Be a Premium Member? Just Look at What We Have Helped to Change

men change photo by streetmatt

We’re the guys who eat stereotypes for lunch. So just what is it we are trying to change?

9 Easy Things White People Can Do Online to Challenge Racism

Black Lives Matter

Want to help? Derrick Clifton explains nine ways you can get on the road to good allyship.

Sean Penn’s Big Mistake and What We Should Learn From It


Sean Penn forgot that behaviors which may seem appropriate in private are often inappropriate in public.

To Change the World, Start at Home


I have an idea that we must come together before we fall apart.

Only the Puck Was Black: A Story of Race and the NHL


“Why are there so few black hockey players?”

The Friday Sports Dump – All Apologies


An apology can sometimes be the best of times and the worst of times. This week, Wai Sallas ventures on to both sides of the spectrum to bring you The Friday Sports Dump. — Sports Dump 1: No one is absolved from saying “I’m sorry.” At some point in your life, you will have to […]

You Get a Pass: Do People in Multiracial Families Have a License to be Racist?

Do People in Multiracial Families Have  a License to be Racist

As a White dad with a Biracial son, Alex Barnett wants to know, “How can you have an open and honest conversation about race if people can’t get beyond their own racism?”

Study Blames Craigslist Sex for Increased HIV Rates—But the Problem is Much Bigger


Don’t blame the Internet for increasing rates of HIV in urban areas. Blame a lack of adequate sex education.

Acknowledging the Racism that Saturates Our Nation


Mayor de Blasio kicks off a a battle with NYPD over “The Talk” and Warren Blumenfeld sees a perfect chance to have a similar “Talk” with the nation.