The Invisible Cynic

The Invisible by badjonni

Cabot O’Callaghan is fed up with the lies perpetuated by mass culture and the media and ready for some real change.

Cultivating Fearless and Hopeful Racial Justice Organizing in White Communities: Jewish Voice for Peace

march on the street

Chris Crass sits down with leaders from a group of Jewish people who work to create equality, justice, and freedom for all people of Palestine and Israel.

How Well Do You Know Yourself?

How Well by Nina B Agyei

J.R. Reynolds explains why rigorous self-examination is critical for growth.

11 Facts About White Privilege Everyone Should Know


#CheckYourPrivilege isn’t meant to shut you down. It’s meant to make you think.

What Is It Like Growing Up Black In America?

What Is It Like Growing Up Black In America

Dr. Vibe asks a group of African American men what it is like growing up black in America

Now Is the Time to Start Talking About Racism in the LGBT Community


As a double-minority, Ernest Owens sees racism in a unique way…and it’s time to stop pretending it doesn’t exist.

The Hypocrisy of “Pro-Life” and the GOP


The GOP conducts itself as a party that stands for life until birth. Then, one is left to fend for oneself.

5 Things Well-Meaning White Educators Should Consider If They Really Want To Close The Achievement Gap


You could start with the term “achievement gap” – which places the responsibility of changing the system upon students.

What’s in a Name? How Racism Impacts Our Lives in Every Way (Video)

Racism is Real

Racial disparity presents itself in the most subtle ways. Here’s a glimpse of how racism affects black lives.

Our Broken System: How We Prime Some Young Men For College—Others For Prison


Here in the US, two distinct institutions guide teenagers on their journey to adulthood. One is college, the other is prison.

The Accidental Racist; Unintentional Messages Sent to Kids


What we don’t say about race can confuse kids.

The Slow Poisoning of Freddie Gray and the Hidden Violence Against Black Communities

lead in baltimore

Freddie Gray had high levels of lead as a child, one of the environmental injustices suffered by poor and minority groups.