The Walking Dead: No More

Not one more minute will I devote to watching Black men portrayed as weak, spineless and ineffective.

New Centers Meeting the Needs of Growing College Student Demographic

Warren Blumenfeld shows the absurdity of a new trend.

When Does Political Correctness Go Too Far?

Michael Russnow argues that it is folly to judge historic figures by today’s standard of political correctness.

If Donald Trump Becomes President, it’ll Be Our Fault for Treating Him Like a Celebrity

Jill Di Donato and Matthew Rozsa discuss how Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has been enabled by America’s obsession with celebrities.

Thoughts on Ending Racial Alienation

While in France this summer, Bill Eddy took a quiet moment to reflect on racial tension in the U.S., not knowing just how synchronous a location he was feeling inspired by.

Donald Trump Won’t Rule Out Muslim IDs for Americans

Donald Trump is throwing American religious freedom under the campaign bus.

Adrenaline Rush

When all you need for an adrenaline rush is to get pulled over when you have dark skin.

I Come From South Central

Welcome to my block. Would you like to take a walk with me?

The Missouri Effect: Finishing What Kareem and Others Have Started

Darron Smith, on solidarity and athlete activism.

White Privilege, Explained by the Formerly Teenage Me

All you have to do is turn on the news and you’ll see evidence of white privilege. But why is the conversation still the same?

A Tale of Two Tattoos: Love and Hate Crime in Orange County

Rick Williams is demanding #JusticeForShayan, and after reading this, you probably will too.

How White Students Can Get Involved in Racial Justice on Campus

It’s okay to feel nervous about joining in on anti-racism efforts on campus, but we need to act from our values and do what’s right.

The University of Missouri Football Boycott is the Biggest American Protest of the 21st Century

Is the the beginning of a major change in how college athletes are seen, and how they see themselves? Damon Young thinks so.

Why I Don’t Talk to White People

Quentin Lucas examines his relationship with American white people.

Why Are Death Rates Rising for Middle Aged White Americans?

The cult of emotional toughness and the constant drumbeat of bootstrap thinking among whites has unleashed an epidemic of social isolation.