Hey, Right Wing Guys: President Obama is Not the Problem. It’s Your Mindset

The fact is that since the dawn of the republic, we have always been a politically fractured nation.

When the Officer Caught Me

This is how black boys are baptized into black manhood.

Racism is Real

Brave New Films put together this comparison of how blacks and whites are treated differently. What do you think?

Where Social Justice and Environmental Activists Won’t Go

Social and environmental justice are connected and fighting for those requires being against civilization.

What a Civil Rights Pioneer Taught Me about the Power of Shame to Motivate

Rosa Parks made history, but she didn’t act alone. It took the choice of a powerless teen to shame the movement into action.

Charlie Hebdo Reinforces the Very Racism it is Trying to Satirize

If people take you seriously, then it isn’t a joke.

Dear Certain Cisgender, Heterosexual, White Men in My Life

Saying whatever you want with the expectation that you’ll be corrected if you say something inappropriate is not a practice to live by.

Coming Late to the Party: When Men Come Out Later in Life

Anthony Carter explores the personal costs and gains for gay men who wait until they are older to “come out.”

The True Face of American Men on the Screen

Or should we say, what the true face should really look like?

The History, and Controversy, Behind the Rhodes Scholarship

What Cecil John Rhodes actually said in his will about who should get scholarships may surprise you

10 Things You Should Know About Being an Asian from the South

“When you forget where you’re from, that’s when you truly become American.”

What Can We Do About Race, Police, Profiling, and Power?

The tough conversation about race and police brutality is one we have to have.

The Political Significance of the Charleston Killings

There is no hatred inherent in the unity of mankind, and there is no mistaking; to exist fully, we must stand united, or individually, fall.

Oregon Reminds Us it’s Good to be White in America

Jody Allard on the terrors of being anything but white in America.

What Woody Guthrie Really Thought of the Trumps

“For Guthrie, Fred Trump came to personify all the viciousness of the racist codes that continued to put decent housing – both public and private – out of reach for so many of his fellow citizens.”