An Open Letter to my Fellow White, Liberal Parents


Rachael Quinn Egan questions what kind of message kids are getting from entertainment that excludes people of color.

The National Football League: Too Big To Fail?

goodell GMP

Michael Kasdan wonders what will happen as morality continues to collide with the sports entertainment complex we call The National Football League. Do fans care enough to really care?

Muslims For Life: American Muslims Stand Up to Save Lives on 9/11


We shall never forget the 3,000 who lost their lives on 9/11. Let us remember them, then, by saving 30,000 lives. And in saving life, let us make sure that history will never be the same.

Father Figure—Zun Lee’s Exploration of Black Fatherhood

Father Figure by Zun Lee

Abandoned by his own father before birth, Zun Lee is out to bust the stereotypes of black fatherhood by showing us a different picture.

Black Theory

black theory

A short film by Dennis Williams on racism in the media.

The Pistorius Verdict Will Only Tell us so Much About a Deeply Troubled Culture of Fear

oscar p

The Oscar Pistorius trial raised deeply disturbing questions for South Africa – but it has done little to answer them.

An Awkward Note to America by #Ferguson Kids

Hey White People

#Ferguson Kids are in your face when it comes to race in the United States.

The Forgotten Community: The Gypsy People Called ‘Roma’


It’s a documentary that brings to light a community that has largely been forgotten.

Dear Black Men: A Letter for You

letter to black men

From the heart, Felicia Roche shares how she feels about black men.

This Funny Video Just Might Show You That You’re Racist

diet racism

Do you think it’s only fair that there be a White History Month? Then we’ve got the soda for you!

A Mom and Dad Took Their Toddler for Stitches and Were Met With Hate


People think racism doesn’t exist, that Islamophobia isn’t real, that anti-Semitism is a joke. But, Qasim Rashid explains, they are actually deliberate decisions people make to hate one another.

Where Do Black Men Go?

AP file photo

How do we foster a place where we fit? Safe spaces for men of color are urgently needed and Billy Flood wants to know how we’ll get there.

Why Run From the Cops?

AP Photo/Sid Hastings

Dan Zimmerman knows, as a white man, that he will never fully understand the experiences people of color have with police.

I Grew Up Brown in a White Family…and Here’s What I Learned About Racism


“My brownness isn’t something to be blind to or to love me in spite of. It is who I am,” writes activist Candice Russell.