Loving White People Won’t Fix Racism

gmp unlearn racism

There’s a new prescription for healing racism. It boils down to this:
Let Black people do the work.

Jim Crow Is Still America’s National Religion … But It Doesn’t Have to Be

jim crow national religion

Half a century after the civil rights movement removed most of the legal aspects of the Jim Crow regime the vast majority of religious people in America do not see fit to worship next to people of another race.

10 Reasons Why I Refuse When a White Person Wants to Talk To Me About Race

talk about race

Bryant Cross has noticed that after he expresses his pain and anger about racism, white people want to “talk”.

How to Stop Limiting Yourself with Prejudicial Thinking


If you want to combat prejudice, start by looking in the mirror.

The Sentencing Gap: Why are Men More Likely to Go to Prison?

Freedom for a Man

Men are statistically more likely to go to prison than women for the same crime. Feminists and Men’s Rights Activists alike should be outraged.

But it Was a Joke, Come on Man


We are horrified at blatant racist acts, but should we be?

Three Grown Men Shamed by a 15-year-old Girl


Are there some circumstances where we should accept bigotry?

The Burning of Columbia and the Persistence of Confederate Mythology

Looking Into the Past Columbia SC 1865

In the wake of the controversy which led to the closing of the University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter, Louis Venters shares a blast from the Confederate past.

A Critical Look at Failure

A Critical Look by Clare Bell

Editor’s Note: This is part two of a three-part series by Raoul Wieland on failure. Part one can be found here. The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘failure’ as: A lack of success An unsuccessful person, enterprise or thing The omission of expected or required action A lack or deficiency of a desirable quality The action or […]

Our Exclusive Conversation with Dr. Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon-GMP

Lead Editor Mike Kasdan’s far ranging conversation with Andrew Solomon covers mental health, issues of identity and gay rights, parenting, social justice, and the storytelling that ties us all together.

Ignorance, Incognito


As a straight white guy, I know who’s secretly bigoted. Because they tell me.

We Can Respect the Police and Still Despise Corruption


Shawn Henfling offers a way to respect the police but not their corrupt actions.

Love Has No Labels

Love Has No Labels by Ad Council

Watch what happens when the skeletons step out from behind the screen.

It’s 50 Years Later, Why is Everything Malcolm X Says Here Still So True?

Malcolm X

This speech given by Malcolm X fifty years ago on the subject of racism and police brutality… Why does it feel like he could stand up right now and give this same speech?

DOJ Just Concluded Ferguson Police Discriminate Based Upon Race… What Now?

AP Photo, Mike Reidel

Yes, the Ferguson Police Department has been operating based upon racial bias. But will America start listening to the voices of people being discriminated against?