Teaching Our Children to Love Their Enemies

stormtroopers walking

We can raise a whole generation of children who have the capacity to embody what all the great sages have instructed us: Love thy enemy.

The Absence of Color in Frozen

The Absence of Color in Frozen

Alex Barnett thinks it’s time for Disney to ” let go” of institutional biases against people of color and embrace the rising number of minority and multiracial people.

Why Do Protesters Occupy the Streets?

Why Do Protesters by The All-Nite Images

Patrick DeCarlo examines the rationale behind stopping traffic, blocking bridges, and ruining your commute.

Happy Birthday, Dr. King! Love, Your Pal, Woolite

Happy Birthday by Ron Cogswell

Adiba Nelson shows us how one company got it horribly wrong.

Andrew Young Gives Kids on Civil Rights Tour Passionate Post MLK Message

andrew young

1960’s Civil Rights Activist Speaks on Life With and After MLK

How My Doctor Taught Me to Interrupt Racism in its Tracks

How My Doctor Taught Me to Interrupt Racism in its Tracks

The Day My Doctor Called Me a Sp*c

A White Dad’s Thoughts on Raising His Black Son, Racism, and MLK


Alex Barnett shares how his interracial family is exactly the embodiment of the integration and progression forward for which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so fervently fought.

If I Were a Black Person — I Can Only Imagine


A human ally and former inner city kid shares her dream of a world where we all belong. To each other.

Am I Demanding Violence?

am i demanding violence

Nonviolent protest has a place, but not in self defense.

Everyday Racism: What Do You Say in a Moment Like This?

black massage

She was ok with receiving her massage from a man…just not a black man.

Running Up That Hill: Grappling With My Own Racial Bias


Gary Almeter hears a song being whistled, and his reaction forces him to confront assumptions about others…and himself.

6 Ways ‘Tough Guys’ Are Actually Weak

6 Ways Tough Guys by Traj

Thomas Fiffer redefines strength by finding the weakness in “tough guy” masculinity.

10 Things Americans Need to Do in 2015 to Create Equality

AP photo

Billy Flood wants America to be the country it can be, that it wants to be. One of true freedom and equality.

What, Exactly, Is Cultural Appropriation (And How Is It Harmful)?

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Cultural Appropriation has become an everyday form of racial exploitation and violence. Watch this video and better understand how to refrain from perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

The Viral Photo: One Year Later


One year ago today, Doyin Richards’s life changed forever when he posted an article for The Good Men Project. Here’s how he hopes his viral photo experience impacts fatherhood in 2015 and beyond.