Three Newborns Born in Nepal: Israeli Dads Look Back at Their Surrogacy Journey

Israeli gay couple Tal and Amir were at a hotel in Nepal with their adopted children when an earthquake devastated the country in April 2015.

Are You Ready for the Brood? (Video)

They’re loud, they’re proud, and they’re seventeen years in the making.

Robert Krulwich Commencement Address Gives Parents Words to Remember

As graduation season approaches, a father of toddlers crashes college graduation ceremony to get some perspective

“What troubled me was hearing the Hmong testimony dismissed because it didn’t follow the belief system of non-natives.”

This is a comment by Ty Nolan on the post “Goodbye, Radiolab: The Fact of the Matter of Storytelling”.

Radiolab Update: Privilege in the Podcast, Hope in the Comments

Matthew Salesses offers a critical examination of the disappointing response from Radiolab to the criticism of their callous interview with Hmong refugee Eng Yang and his niece, Kao Kalia Yang.

The Science of Racism – Kao Kalia Yang’s Story

Matthew Salesses offers more to the story of racism in Radiolab’s portrayal of the stories of the “Yellow Rain” chemical warfare used against the Hmong people during the Vietnam War.

Goodbye, Radiolab: The Fact of the Matter of Storytelling

For writers, the greatest reward is human connection. But when that connection is absent, the failure of empathy can be painful.

The 10 at 10

A 6-year-old brings a gun to school, Volkswagen wants men driving Beetles, and cussing will relieve your pain.