The One Thing You Can Do About Your Anger

When your anger scares you, it’s time to get a little perspective.


It only takes a moment for things to change.

A Breath of Fresh Air in Dealing With Anger

A scientific solution for the stressed modern man.

How Hitting A Hay Bale With A Big Stick Changed My Life

Can men expressing rage prevent violence and foster wisdom? Author Jay Cradeur shares his experiences with a Hay Bale and a Big Stick.

Scary Daddy, Good Daddy: How to Deal with Anger in the Moment

Where is the line between being a scared parent and a scary parent? Joe Medler considers the emotion behind those tense parenting moments. — I have endless tender feelings for my sons. They know without question that I love them to the ends of the earth. They also know I’m scary. Really scary. I remember a […]

How to Stop Your Anger Before It Hurts You and Others

Counselor Carl shares 7 simple steps for defusing dangerous anger before it’s too late.

Handle Your Jealousy. Don’t Let It Handle You

Shanna Anderson shows us all that jealousy realizes only negative outcomes.

Living Inside the Storm

A woman opens a window on life with a bipolar partner.

10 Steps to Anger Management

Steve Spring offers 10 healthy tips for calming down when your rage is rising.

Guys, Our Anger is Killing Us—Literally

Anger is part of life but Tor Constantino shares research that finds it’s also an increasing contributor in our deaths.

The Strongest There Is

Cabot O’Callaghan sees the toxic masculinity in his favorite comic book character.

Be Prepared to Receive Something Special

When Cabot O’Callaghan befriended a young woman with borderline personality disorder, he wasn’t ready for the wisdom he’d receive.

Let It Go: 7 Positive Things You Can Gain From Forgiving Someone

Don’t let somebody else’s misjudgment change your attitude on the bounties of life.

What’s up Doc? Men, Health and Marriage.

Steven Lake explores what keeps men from looking after their health.

Stivers Cartoons: Working Up A Good Rage

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“Crying is usually associated with sadness…not in heat of battle or…mortally dangerous situation.”

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