Guys, Our Anger is Killing Us—Literally


Anger is part of life but Tor Constantino shares research that finds it’s also an increasing contributor in our deaths.

The Strongest There Is

The Strongest by Tim Norris

Cabot O’Callaghan sees the toxic masculinity in his favorite comic book character.

Be Prepared to Receive Something Special

Understanding My Mother by Cabot OCallaghan

When Cabot O’Callaghan befriended a young woman with borderline personality disorder, he wasn’t ready for the wisdom he’d receive.

Let It Go: 7 Positive Things You Can Gain From Forgiving Someone


Don’t let somebody else’s misjudgment change your attitude on the bounties of life.

What’s up Doc? Men, Health and Marriage.

hospital-Seattle Municipal Archives-flickr

Steven Lake explores what keeps men from looking after their health.

Stivers Cartoons: Working Up A Good Rage


©Mark Stivers /

“Crying is usually associated with sadness…not in heat of battle or…mortally dangerous situation.”

Crying silence

This comment by Mark on the post Men Have Tear Ducts Too

I Have a Right – Thomas Fiffer Gets Angry About Rage and Offers a New Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights

Martin Luther King had a dream of equality and justice. On a day when we celebrate these freedoms, Thomas Fiffer asserts our right to rage-free relationships.

“Anger is an excuse for, rather than a cause of, abusive behavior.”

photo by alexmartin81

“We all feel angry. We don’t all choose to abuse because we’re angry.”

Dylan Thomas, Retirement and the First Taste of Death


Live, damn it! Wolfgang Brolley on raging hard.

Anger, The Dark Passenger


Eric Robillard has stopped naming his anger passion and has come to grapple with his verbally abusive Dark Passenger.

5 Steps to Manage Anger Like a Man


Gregory Jaquet learned a few ways to manage those excesses of anger that can damage everyday life.

Why I Hate Fights

photo by diongillard

Pat Brothwell finds it sad that he is even writing an article about why drunken fist fights are stupid.

Five Ways to Fight Like a (Modern) Man


Navigating the brave new world of the modern argument.

10 Reasons We Still Love Breaking Bad’s Walter White


It’s Breaking Bad’s final half-season. We’re about to catch up with the show’s troubled, troubling hero. Here’s why you still want him to come out on top.

My Wife Struggles Better


Cully Perlman explains that, in his marriage, mending requires paying mindful and constant attention to improving himself.