Understanding the Chicago Teacher Strike – A Quick Guide

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Teacher Tom Walsh offers a compelling and well-researched explanation of the key points in the Chicago Teacher’s Union strike.

The Chicago Teacher Strike is NOT About Teacher Salaries

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Former CPS teacher Jamie Utt explains exactly why the Chicago Teachers Union strike is about so much more than money.

You Gotta Love Boris Johnson For Even Getting ON a Zip Line (Video)

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London Mayor Boris Johnson gets stuck dangling on a zip line waving two Union Jacks. Almost immediately, an Internet Meme “Dangle Boris” is created.

Boston Mayor’s Letter to Chick-fil-A Goes Viral and Rick Santorum Embarrasses Himself on Twitter

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Letter from Boston Mayor Thomas Menino goes viral just as Rick Santorum sends unintentionally funny tweets in support of Mike Huckabee’s ‘Chick-fil-A For a Day’ holiday.