So . . . This Happened: Three Things in Sports (Dec. 22, 2014 Edition)

Our weekly Monday sports round-up features a generous act by a Raiders lineman, a heart-warming return to the court for a determined middle schooler, another domination by the UK Wildcats basketball team, and a certain stud WR on the NY Giants.

Gender Equality in the NFL Workplace? Welcome to 1914

Wai Sallas takes a look at the current state of gender equality in the NFL workplace and doesn’t like what he sees.

15 Great Foods For Tailgating and Watching Sports

Games go better with good food.

If I were Red Forman’s son

“I oughta vandalize your ass with my foot.” Red Forman On the right side of my blog it says: Who is J.R.? Take a martini shaker and add equal parts Ward Cleaver, Cliff Huxtable, Al Bundy, Phil Dunphy, Ray Barone, Archie Bunker and Red Forman. Shake, strain into a chilled glass and top with a […]

Lose Yourself

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment Would you capture it? Or just let it slip? Eminem This is my go-to tune when I’m feeling defeated about my writing.  Most of the time, it’s all good.  I sit down and it flows somewhat comfortably; […]

Tailgating in Oaktown

It’s about hanging with your friends, having fun and mocking the shit out of opposing fans In 1995 my beloved Raiders moved back to Oakland at approximately the same time Baby Mama and I moved to Concord, about 20 minutes away.  My friends Patrick and Jeff were huge Raiders fans as well and we bought […]

Sunday Morning Wood

“Are you ready for some football?” Samuel L. Jackson The sun peeks through the open bedroom window.  It’s a cool morning and the light breeze feels good as you rise from your warm, toasty bed.  You sit up, stretch, look down and there you see it.  Sunday Morning Wood. Pull your mind out of the […]

Random Thoughts

Stuff that pops into my mind and keeps me from falling asleep… A couple years ago I got pulled over by the po po.  Dude comes up to my window and asks, “Do you know why I pulled you over?”  I responded with, “Because I thought it was yellow and you thought it was red?”  […]