Survivor Advocacy Isn’t A Competition (Or You Aren’t Actually Helping)

James A Landrith on the equalization of healing between male and female sexual violence survivors.

The Best Solutions Include Connection

Between Individuals, Organizations and Communities

Was It Rape or Just ‘A Crappy Situation’?

In “Yeah Maybe, No” filmmaker Kelly Kend interviews a male rape survivor and explores the dynamics of doubt that cloud our collective understanding of consent.

Reflections on Five Years of Healing and Speaking Out

James Landrith has spent five years speaking out as a male rape survivor. Here is what he has learned.

7 Pitfalls to Avoid When Dating a Sexual Assault Survivor

Sarah Beaulieu struggled to find the right way to tell people she was a sexual assault survivor. Here’s how you can support loved ones who open up about sexual assault.

You Have Worth and Are Worthy

David Pittman offers hope to fellow survivors of sexual assault: You have value, and you are not alone.

Feeling Suicidal? Siri Has Help

Tell Siri you want to kill yourself, mention specific methods of suicide, or ask about suicide assistance, and Siri will bring up the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

How to Help a Friend Who Has Been Sexually Assaulted

Anyone can be a victim of sexual assault, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Sarah Ogden offers a guide to supporting a loved one who has experienced sexual assault.

The Weight of Rape and the Light of Love

Renee DeVesty was raped by her friends. Here’s her brave story of trauma and redemption.

Project Unbreakable

Grace Brown photographs survivors of sexual abuse with posters that hold quotes from their attackers. TRIGGER WARNING.

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Etan and Me: A Brotherhood of Pain

For abuse survivor Rob Brown, the recent confession in the 1979 case of Etan Patz elicits a strong sense of brotherhood between one man who was allowed to grow up, and the boy who was not.

Private Practice First Show On Television to Have a Male Military Survivor of Rape

Trigger warning for rape and spoilers for the February 2nd episode of Private Practice.  The hospital drama Private Practice has broken new ground for the representation of male survivors on television: they are the very first show on television to depict a male soldier who has survived rape.

RAINN’s Fabulous New Advertisement About Male Rape Survivors

Massive trigger warning for description of rape. 

RAINN responds

Trigger warning for discussion of rape. I have recently emailed RAINN to ask about their support of male survivors and use of the NVAWS survey as opposed to another survey that may more accurately report the rate of abuse of men. The response went as follows: Hi Ozymandias, Thank you for getting in touch regarding your […]

Top 10 Good Men of 2010: Mick Foley

Behind the wrestler’s chair-bending brawn is a crusader for literacy, education, and the end of sexual violence against women.