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Is Pa Ingalls a Dangerous Role Model for My Husband and Son?

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Our “For The Love of Men” section wants to share your stories about what makes your brother special.

A Dad Wants the Benefit of the Doubt in Raising His Son

The one thing that always deserves the benefit of the doubt, is that we all love our kids.

Masculinity Isn’t Toxic; But Our Attitudes About it Might Be

We need to recognize the value of femininity—in both boys and girls.

Surviving Parenting in the 21st Century – Guiding Millennials in a Post-Racial and Anti-Religious Society

Rufus and Jenny Triplett, authors of Surviving Parenting in the 21st Century, reflect on the standards they set in raising their sons as black and Muslim men.

The 5 Most Powerful Tools for Talking to Kids About Sexting

How to offer your children love, respect and appropriate safe-guards against technological landmines.

Mom Encourages Her Son’s Creative Interests in Makeup

Letting a child be themself is a sign of a truly loving parent.

Moms Have Found Their Voices in the Raising Boys Section

And you can too. Read their thoughts and ideas here. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page. Submit your own articles. Together, we are raising the bar as to what it takes to raise boys.

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