5 Ways Divorced Dads Can Continue to Bond With Their Children After Divorce

I hope you’ll take heart that, whatever your upbringing, you can engage in your kids’ lives and move forward with purpose and a renewed sense of direction.

Warning: The Side Effect of Parenting

Some of the best things about parenting should actually be on a warning label.

Her Son Brought Light After the Darkness of Loss

She’d lost two of the men in her life, and the prospect of raising a son terrified her. Until he opened her heart to joy.

11 Times You Stop Giving a Crap When You’re a Special Needs Parent

One day, you realize what is NOT important.

#AboutBoys: Moving towards a Constructive Paradigm for Boys

If we continue to provide a “one size fits all” model of programming for boys we will continue to fail them and our communities.

I Grew Up Without a Father: A Call for Submissions

How did this impact your life?

My Son Wants to be a Marine

Even at an early age, he knew what he wanted.

Comment of the Day: ‘It’s a great bonding experience between a father and a son’

Quality time with our kids is precious.

When Raising Boys, Transparency Brings Freedom

Because I’ve been transparent with my son, he’s eager to share the moments of his life with me.

What Happens When Our Sons Learn to be Kind to All Creatures Great and Small

Sometimes what we teach them when they are little comes back to us as hope for the world they will inherit.

Why a Boy’s Father Should Always Be His Hero

A privileged childhood has nothing to do with a family’s economic status.

I Just Want To Be Like You, Dad (Call for Submissions)

Is your son the way you wanted to raise him? Are you the way your father wanted to raise you?

How My Son Taught Me To Play Catch and To Be a Better Dad

We don’t have follow our fathers’ example. Sometimes, we can follow our sons’.

My Son Doesn’t Need to ‘Man Up’

Yes, I will teach him to stand up for himself, but I will also teach him to stand up for others.

Mama — Because of You, I am the Man I am Today

Zareh Zurabyan celebrates his mother every day.

Comment of the Day: ‘Caucasian males are the weakest at birth’

Nurses often have a language of their own and it’s not meant to harm.