4 Superpowers to Awaken in Your Child

4 Superpowers to Awaken in Your Child

“We talk so much about leaving a better planet to our kids, that we forget to leave better kids to our planet.” -Gerry Burnie

What Food Allergic Parents Really Want You to Know


Parents Raise Awareness in Honor of Love Remembers Day

5 Things Every Young Man Should Hear From Another Man

5 Things Every Young Man Should Hear From Another Man

If we really pay attention, we will see that each young man has something incredible to offer others and the world.

The ONE Thing I Feel I Must Teach My Kids About Sex


Sex is not love. But love is sex.

Standardized Tests: Are They Causing Kids Undue Stress?

Young student with workbook

Academic pressure and kid’s stress.

Helping My Biracial Son Answer “What Are You?”

Helping MyBiracial Son Answer What Are You

Alex Barnett believes his son’s identity is his own identity. He should not be forced to disclose it because others are curious or discomfited by not knowing.

Tuberous Sclerosis: A Father’s Journey

father and son walking

The fears that come up when your baby is diagnosed with a rare disorder are nothing compared to this father’s determination to give his son all that he can.

Lesbians Raising Sons


What’s it like to be a boy raised by two women? Vikki Reich shares the perspective given to her during a dinnertime conversation.

The One Reason We Need to Be More Curious


It is time we ban the harmful phrase “curiosity killed the cat.” Here’s why.

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About


Fancy a chat? Each of these featured stories has something special and thought-provoking to offer.

Sky’s the Limit: Raising Kids Who Travel

Sky's the Limit

Travel exposures our children to other cultures and helps them to learn from the world around them.

A Dad Resolves to Raise His Son as a Feminist


Author Dan Arel was advised to tone down the feminism in his latest book. Here is why he chose not only to NOT do that, but to “tone it up” in his son as well.

5 Things You Must Never Stop Saying to Your Son

claire seessford

Emotional intelligence coach Aleasa Word gives sound tips to parents of boys.

Our 3 Year Old Baked His First Cake And I Got In Touch With My Inner Buddhist

My Three Year Old Baked a Cake and I Embraced My Inner Buddhist Monk

You can’t let ego control you, but when you do accomplish something you shouldn’t merely toss it away.-Alex Barnett

8 Ways Having a Toddler Is Like a Hostage Negotiation with a Highly Unstable Person

angry baby

Raising a toddler means accepting that they’re pissed off even when you give them exactly what they want.