When Did Play Get So Nice?


Would children be better off without adult-imposed rules, limiting their play?

Abstinence-Focused Driver’s Education

Lego man in car by boy with skateboard

…if cars were supposed to have more than one driver they’d have been made with more that one steering wheel. — The most important thing you can learn about driving is not to drive until you can afford to own your own car.  You really have no reason to drive until you own a car. […]

This Adorable Baby with Down Syndrome Is Taking After His Model Mom (Photos)


Baby Micah is stealing hearts all over the world as the cutest baby model ever.

The Crucial 9: The Real Way to Get Kids to Clean Their Room


No-nonsense tips on helping kids develop cleaning regimens.

Parenting in the Era of #BlackLivesMatter


As parents of color, we fear for our children, but we also need to think about ourselves.

The Survival List: 15 Things Kids Need to Know to Survive Past 18 Alone


Some of the best life lessons for kids are by using humility as a guide to help them become self-sufficient as they age.

To My Son Who is Neither Here Nor There

mother and little boy

A mother watches her growing son and shares a prayer for the man he will become.

The Man Who Carried Snakes

boy and grandfather

The search for manhood is like climbing a cliff to jump into a lake, going up is easy, but it’s a long way down.

Loving Your Kid Is Easy. Liking? Not So Much


As an exercise in restoring peace to his head and household, Brent Almond creates a list of what he likes most about his son.

Get BOLD Today #GoodMenFriday: What is the Future of Black Boys?

The Future of Black Boys

LeGrande Green, host of Get BOLD Today podcast chats with Marie Roker-Jones of Raising Great Men about the legacy of black fathers and the future of black boys.

5 Tricks To Teach Your Baby to Sleep


5 Easy Tips to Help New Dads Reduce Sleepless Nights

Do Middle Kids Make Better Social Navigators?

middle kids social lives

Serge Bielanko is proud of his middle son’s street smarts, and new social theories back him up.

The Value of Friendships for Our Sons

The Value of Friendships for Our Sons

Connie K. Grier shares a few tips for boys to develop healthy bonds with other males.

I’m Still Your Dad: Fears of Coming Out Trans To My Step-Son

father and son on the beach

His stepson knows he’s a a sex educator and LGBTQ activist, but how does he explain that he is also transgender

My Dear Son, This is How to Treat a Woman

father son talk

A father offers his expert advise on what to do, and not to do, to find and happily marry the right woman.

Amusement Parks Aren’t Really That Amusing

Amusement Parks Aren't That Amusing

Amusement park? Alex Barnett thinks not. Maybe “amazement park” because it’s amazing that any person over the age of 6 and more than four feet tall survives a day there.