4 Ways to Spice Up the Daily Family Routine


T. Michael James Gives Tips on Creating Fun Family Routines

A Middle-Aged Dad’s Dating Advice for His Three Year-Old Son

A Middle Age Dads Dating Advice to His Three Year Old Son

Alex Barnett had his son later in life. And he wants to give his son dating advice before he forgets what it was like to date.

My Problem With Boys


Ariel Chesler is a dad of daughters who is sick and tired of how parents of boys feel justified to let their kids destroy things, because “boys will be boys” excuse.

Lessons Learned From My Son’s Son

grandfather and baby

He may not be ready for the title of “Grandfather,” but Cliff Townsend has found a powerful teacher in his son’s son.

Mom Language vs. Son Language: What Your Son Isn’t Saying

What Your Son is Feeling but May Not be Sharing With You

In our attempt to understand our sons, we may misinterpret what they say and lose sight of what they need from us.

Being a Feminist Dad Shouldn’t Be Controversial


For Tony Posnanski, raising his kids to be equal is a no-brainer.

Raising a Hunter Gatherer In a Fast Food World

Raising a Hunter Gatherer

In raising his son, Alex Barnett wonders, “What does a hunter-gatherer do when there’s no hunt?”

To The Mom Who Thinks Feminism is Hurting Her Boys: You’re Wrong


Personally, I don’t give a damn about the label of feminism. It’s one that I rarely use myself. What I DO care deeply about is the perpetuation of gendered nonsense.

With Kids Expect the Unexpected: “Mom, Should I Masturbate?”

a surprise

How do you react when your kids ask the unexpected? Aleasa Word tackles the question of masturbation.

Teaching my Sons That Grief is Not Contagious

Teaching My Sons That Grief is Not Contagious

“Grief, no matter where it comes from, can only be resolved by connecting to other people.”-Thomas Horn

Newbie Dad Tips on Sleeping Safely with The Little One


Keep your new baby safe & learn about SIDS.

A Teen’s Plea: Stop Ignoring Boys’ Self-Harming Behaviors

a cutter

A young man’s cry for help for boys who self-harm.

Fear and Loneliness in Boys and Men

fear poster

How fear and loneliness are wired together in boys and men.

How I Supposedly Ended My Son’s Future as a Car-Racing Phenomenon

izz racecar

Joanna Schroeder tries to figure out how to keep her kids safe without squashing their independence.

Taxes, Chores & Allowance: Raising Financially Savvy Kids

baby money

Teach money matters early to help kids thrive as adults.

Raising a Gentle Boy in a Violent World

gentle boy

Her worry over how to raise a hell-raising boy has become a concern for protecting the sweetness of her gentle son.