A Salute to all the Stay-At-Home Dads

Antonella Poggi takes a few minutes to commend all the stay-at-home-Dads, who for the love or beer (or cake) are pioneers for modern families.

Parents and Children, Healing

When my beautiful daughter came into this world, I decided I didn’t want to hold onto that spite for my father anymore.

This Mom’s College Send-Off to Her Only Son

I’m excited for you to start your next chapter. There are many opportunities available to you now that won’t be available at any other time in your life.

This is the Most Important Picture Dads and Men Need to See Regarding the Gun Debate in America

Sometimes a picture tells us everything we need to understand about a moment of cultural crisis. Read this mother’s reaction to what her daughter learned at school—something our children haven’t had to learn in generations past.

How Defining a Relationship for My Only Son Helped Me Clarify My Own Relationship Fears

As a mother, what kind of relationship do I want for my son and would there be a time or place when I would stand in the way of his relationship?

What the World Needs Now Is Better Dads (and Better Than You and Your Dad)

The world needs better dads (and better men) than we currently have (and have had).

When Karma Leaves a Number 2: How My Wife Became a Poop Doula

Of all the obstacles in parenting life, fear of pooping (and the mess that follows) can be a messy burden for this dad.

3 Reasons I Never Make Time for My Kids

I set aside time for almost every person in my life. Here is why I no longer do it for my children.

When I Was a Boy

Ah, the sweet memories of boyhood—playing kerb ball and muck ball and getting your first color TV.

7 Keys for Raising Low-Tech Boys—My Son’s Never-Bored Adventures in Lo-Fi

Hi-Tech, Low-Tech, or No-Tech: are our boys being raised right in the digital age?

Just Stop Obsessing About All of Your Sons Choices

Our sons will need a lot of guidance on many issues as they grow up. Choosing candy based on gender is not one of them.

What We Have Here is an Epic Parenting Fail

It really is this simple. Prejudice has to be taught; it is not an inherent condition.

The Best Definition of a Father to Millennials

As a millennial, this is how I would define a great father.

The Cultural Benefits of Being Raised by Mom

What could be perceived as a lack of one parent, instead turned into a particularly inclusive outlook by a single, strong parent—my mother.

Why ‘Boys Will be Boys’ is Such a Dangerous Mentality

If we want to stop the killing we must acknowledge the connection between hypermasculinity and violence.

One More Father’s Day for the Books

Father’s day isn’t just about ugly ties and dinner. It’s a recognition of what is an important lifelong commitment.