A Prayer for My Future Son-In-Law

A Prayer for My Future Son-In-Law

Adiba Nelson prays that once her job as a parent is done, God will send her daughter a man who will genuinely love her and see her and not her special needs.

Raising Compassionate Boys: Compassion for Ray Rice

Ray Rice

For the sake of his sons, Kozo Hattori challenges himself to find compassion for Ray Rice.  ___ My first reaction to the TMZ video of Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancée was not only horror and alarm, but also fear and compassion for Janay Palmer, specifically, and all women, in general. I have no doubt […]

One Little Boy’s Fear of A Wheelchair


Saying good-bye to fear is never easy.

Raising Compassionate Boys: Letter from An Absent Father

boy praying

Kozo Hattori writes a letter to his sons in case he dies.

Does Your Son Know What to do if Stopped by the Police? (Video)

Flex Your Rights

Does your son know what to do if he is stopped by the police?

7 Seriously Cool Lessons I’ll Teach My Sons About Dating (Video)


Rodney Rock’s funny yet inspiring video speaks to his future children on tips for dating women

7 Mannerly Things Our Kids Should Really Be Doing


Rude kids become rude adults; teach them early and save them heartache in the end

Why I Write – Because I Can Finally Do What I Love

father showing kid the stars

With the youngest of his four children grown and gone, Richard Greenberg is finally free to remember why he loves to write, and what he wants to say.

Raising Sacred Beings

Raising Sacred Beings

Acknowledging in thoughts, words and actions that our children are sacred beings reminds us as parents to be open with our own hearts.

Raising Compassionate Boys: Dis-RESPECT

Sad Boy

A 7 year old teaches Kozo Hattori that real compassion starts with a mirror.

I’m Done Taking Care of my Children!

I Don't Want to Take Care of My Kids

Shawn Fludd doesn’t believe taking care of his children is not the most important thing anymore. What’s most important to him is how he takes care of future generations.

Would Kindness Clubs Foster Less Violence? (Video)


13 year old Xavier believes a continued culture kindness as a part of daily life can help with violence in adults

Stop Comparing Your School Experience With Your Child’s School Experience

Stop Comparing Your School Experience

“If you find unpleasant memories bubbling up from your own school experience, recognize that it is an aspect of you that is looking for understanding and healing.”-Janet D. Thomas

Raising Compassionate Boys: The Power of Touch

Boys Hugging

Kozo Hattori explains how and why he is getting his sons back in touch with nurturing physical contact.

Dreaming of a World Free of Gender Discrimination: Thoughts from a Mama of Boys on Raising Good Men

Dreaming of a gender free world

How do you talk to your children about inequality in the world?

As We Start our Family Tree

Family Tree

Elisabeth Corey shares about how her children will not know holidays that are filled with extended family.