Raising Compassionate Boys: The Power of Touch

Boys Hugging

Kozo Hattori explains how and why he is getting his sons back in touch with nurturing physical contact.   Researching the power of touch for human development and relationships, Dacher Keltner, Professor of Psychology at UC Berkeley, discovered a surprising gender difference: when men tried to convey compassion or sympathy to women through touch, women […]

Dreaming of a World Free of Gender Discrimination: Thoughts from a Mama of Boys on Raising Good Men

Dreaming of a gender free world

How do you talk to your children about inequality in the world?

As We Start our Family Tree

Family Tree

Elisabeth Corey shares about how her children will not know holidays that are filled with extended family.

As a White Person Reflecting on Ferguson, MO

Michael Brown AP Photo:Jeff Roberson

Five things, as a white person, that must be considered when reflecting on Ferguson.

Emptying the Nest

Jennifer and Nathanial

As her son goes off to college, Jennifer Weiss-Wolf realizes she has been raising him for independence all along.

2014: Is The Black Male’s Legacy Death?

i just want to live

Aleasa Word questions the dollar value attached to lives of black males and the legacy it leaves

Raising Compassionate Boys: “Don’t Be A Pussy”

Rosie the Riveter

Kozo Hattori explains to his sons why to never use or react to the saying, “Don’t be a pussy.”

The Making of a Wild Child

darby 5

Get your child in the wild and the wild in your child because kids are natural in nature!

The Masculinity Scorecard


Dr. David J. Leonard gets real & personal on the masculinity balancing males face

Cinnamon Challenge, Pass Out Challenge, Fire Challenge = Parent Challenges (Video)

firechallenge screenshot

When so called fun disfigures or kills, we can’t sit with our heads in the sand and ignore it

Raising Compassionate Boys: Compassion for Racist

Neo Nazi march

A racist confronts a 4 year old and teaches Kozo Hattori a valuable lesson about compassion and parenting.

Taking on “That’s So Gay!”


When “that’s so gay” becomes a teachable moment for mom

Why Moms Need to Support Stepdads in Bonding With Their Sons


Rachel Miller-Bradshaw shares the importance of ensuring that a child feels loved and acknowledged by his new stepfather.

How To Talk To Your Son About His Body

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.53.20 PM

Eating disorders are on the rise in teenage boys, and parents need to rethink how we talk to our boys about their bodies. Anne Theriault offers 24 helpful ideas.

The Boy Who Lived: The Story of a Son Who Came Later in Life

The Boy Who Lived: The Story of a Son Who Came Later in Life

Douglas Mine, a former foreign correspondent, shares this memoir about meeting his Italian wife, starting a life together, and the honest emotions that accompany finding out, at age fifty-five, that you’re going to be a father again.

Bloodlines Are Being Eliminated in the Black Community


Author Joe Carter speaks on how violence against black males is wiping out some family bloodlines