Why I’m Afraid to Raise a Man

mother and son

“Would I have it in me to be the kind of mother that didn’t degrade or diminish his masculinity, but teach him that it can be a powerful tool for positivity, change and equality?”

The Hug that Ruined My Son’s Birthday Party

little boy birthday

I don’t want my sons to learn that it is okay to force physical touch — not even it it’s family.

Dads Cookin’ With Kids; The Food That Bonds You


The real reason dads cooking with kids builds relationships.

5 Things My Sons Will Inherit When I Die

Boy By Grave

What every father can gift to their sons when they die.

Poo, Puke, and Penises: 5 Bizarre Fossil Discoveries for Boys who Love Dinosaurs


Think dinosaur bones are cool? Check out what scientists found in these fossils from millions of years ago!

Is Forced Visitation Necessary or Barbaric?


Aleasa Word Discusses Recent Case of Kids Incarcerated for Not Visiting Dad

8 Things You Must NEVER Do When Raising Boys

how to raise boys

You may think you have this parenting thing wired, but if you’re raising boys, you may be making some of these critical mistakes.

Tickled to Consent: Teaching Little Boys that No Means No

little boy and mom

Understanding the importance of giving, withholding, and respecting consent starts in childhood.

High School Poetry Series: Gender, Identity, and Race — Johnny Ward


“Think you a man with that gun in yo hand? …You ain’t a man till yo actions speak for you”

Periods & Erections; Parents Uneasiness with Puberty


Navigating the Sometimes Hilariously Awkward Road Through Puberty with Kids

No, Stop, and More: the Reality of Fear for A Mother’s Son

no yes

How do we separate our own fears from parenting realities? Malleable Mom Ashley Fuchs recounts teaching when no means no.   — I heard peals of laughter coming from the other room. I smiled, knowing the sound of my husband tickling our then three-year-old daughter. “No! STOP!” After a brief pause, the laughter continued. Then, it happened […]

Dear Son, I Used To Be a Porn Writer. Love, Mom

porn mom.cathy.rick

Before I was a mom, I was an X-rated writer. And I was actually pretty good at it.

Manalyze This!


It’s called manalyzing, and we all do it. We size each other up when we meet new people.

High School Poetry Series: Gender, Identity, and Race — DeJuan Brooks


“A lot of people don’t want to change anything. They get complacent with the way things are. If no one’s going to help, I might as well try.”

To My Son after He Won the ‘World’ Championship


Justin Ricklefs thanks his son for teaching him how to live more fully from his heart.

When Siblings Squabble….Strategies For Maintaining Parental Sanity

When Siblings Squabble

Connie K. Grier shares tips on how parents can support their kids in mending sibling squabbles.