How To Talk To Your Son About His Body

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Eating disorders are on the rise in teenage boys, and parents need to rethink how we talk to our boys about their bodies. Anne Theriault offers 24 helpful ideas.

The Boy Who Lived: The Story of a Son Who Came Later in Life

The Boy Who Lived: The Story of a Son Who Came Later in Life

Douglas Mine, a former foreign correspondent, shares this memoir about meeting his Italian wife, starting a life together, and the honest emotions that accompany finding out, at age fifty-five, that you’re going to be a father again.

Bloodlines Are Being Eliminated in the Black Community


Author Joe Carter speaks on how violence against black males is wiping out some family bloodlines

10 Things Your Son Wants to Hear From You

Ten Things Your Son Wants to Hear From You (2)

It’s the simple things in life that matter most to our children such as speaking words of encouragement.

Under Pressure


Samantha Hines of My Three Sons speaks on hidden pressures kids sometimes feel

Raising Compassionate Boys: An Experiment in Parenting

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In response to the plethora of school shootings, sexual assaults, and viral humiliations, Kozo Hattori is arming his sons with compassion.

When Parents Say That…We Kids Feel Like This

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13yr old Xavier aims to clear up meanings lost in translation from parents to kids

To My Son: I Will Always Accept You And Be Proud


Anne Theriault promises her young son that no matter how he expresses his gender or sexuality, she’ll stand by him.

Your Son is Not the Man of YOUR House; Help Kids Stay Kids

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Teaching responsibility is a great thing, but we could all be careful not to rush kids to grow up

The 6 Worst Things People Say to or Around Kids


Though words often seem innocent, the scars they leave on a child can last a lifetime

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! Understanding and Addressing Lying in Kids


Dr. Doug Haddad offers insight into the real reasons kids lie and the best way to deal with them

A Man Among Fallen Trees


The first time that he destroyed a tree, Colin Vandenberg felt masculine, and powerful…and sad.

Rejection Starts Early; Are Parents Teaching Kids How to Handle It? (Video)


Funny video makes us think about strengthening kids early to face life’s disappointments

A Parent’s Guide to Helping Teens Prepare for College, Work and Life


5 easy but necessary tips to help parents prepare teens for roommates, careers and life

Boys Will Be Boys Will Be Broken

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I am a boy.

Graduation Day: Young Man Recites the Best “ABC’s” of Life Speech Ever (Video)

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Young Man Sounds Off the ABC’s of Life in the Best College Graduation Speech Ever