The Most Important Life Skillset Kids Need to Make It


Aleasa Word Speaks About The F.U.R.Y. System for Kids’ Success

Teaching Kids About Emotions With a Feelings Journal


Feelings and Emotions Matter But We Must Teach Kids The Difference

You Don’t Know the Meaning of ‘Mess’ Until You’re a Dad at Brunch With a Toddler

babyganics messy face toddler

Brett Ortler never could’ve imagined the magnitude of messes a toddler can make. Thank goodness for Babyganics.

Room to Grow…When Our Sons Require Space

Room to Grow..When Our Sons Require Space

How can we best support our sons as they grow in their independence?

Call for Submissions: “Dads…Cookin’ With the Kids”


Calling on Dad Chefs/Cooks to Feature ‘Kid Fun’ Recipes

Race, Exclusion and Crowds

Racism Exclusion and Crowds

Alex Barnett asks, “How do we get to a place where it is the overwhelming rule (not the exception) that the few in the crowd who are different than the majority can feel comfortable and at ease and be accepted?”

Are Boys Just Wired to Treat Girls Differently?

boy and girl

A mother observes her son’s behavior and ponders the nature/nurture question.

Five Ways to Embrace Male Anger

angry man

A new approach to anger management for men.

Helpful Tips to Rev Up Reading Comprehension in Children


Reading is Fundamental But You Must Understand It First

Why I Took My Son Off Of His ADD Medication

10.12 fall fest 008

David’s mom advocated for him, because puberty is painful enough without a prescription drug monkey on your back.

Why We Need to Raise Powerful Children

Why We Need to Raise Powerful Children

What comes to mind when you hear the word “power”? Does it evoke thoughts of control and abuse or do you think about empathy and compassion?

Stop Complaining about Boys/Men

complain painted

A new way of taming male energy.

Kids These Days – The Power to Change The World (Video)


Ryan Porter speaks Up on Why What We Say to Kids Impacts Everyone’s Future

Our Future Innovators: Three Ideas to Help Unleash Your Son’s Creativity

Our Future Innovators Three Ideas to Help Unleash Your Son's Creativity

By being comfortable with thinking outside of the box, perhaps your son will be one of a billion unsung heroes who quietly and joyfully live their lives with integrity and love.

Race and Assumptions

race and assumptions

Alex Barnett is challenging stereotypes and assumptions people make about multiracial families. His life is not Rabbi Schmuley Married Beyoncé and Had a Son Named Lenny Kravitz.

Not a Good Time for the Male Body

the Hulk

Solitary confinement hints at what the male body experiences on a daily basis.