A Former Lincoln University Professor Speaks Out Against President Jennings’ Rape Apologism

Dr. Emery Petchauer takes President Jennings to task for failing the men he should’ve been mentoring when he gave a rape-apologetic speech.

George Will: Championing Male Paranoia, Ignorance, and the Status Quo

Roger Canaff refuses to accept George Will’s attempts to use one anecdote to dismiss the reality of every male or female survivor of sexual violence.

Masculinity, Identity and Controversy

Renee Beaugreard Lute looks at the rape controversy on The Good Men Project for The Review Review.

I Lost a Job for Calling Out the Company’s Rape Apology

Dan Soloman critiqued CultureMap’s victim-shaming of an underaged girl, and lost his job as a result.

Worst Person in the World Competition Continues

TW for rape-apologist bullshit about the Penn State cases. Dennis Prager has a strong entry! Mr. Prager wishes to inform us that the really important bit about Penn State covering up the rape of children is not, you know, Penn State covering up the rape of children. No! The really important bit is that California […]

What I Mean When I Talk About Rape Culture

Just what is rape culture? Ozy Frantz goes into detail about the cultural wellsprings from which it arises.

Strictly Moderated: What I Mean When I Talk About Rape Culture, Part Two

Trigger warning for discussion of rape.  Toxic Masculinity Thomas at Yes Means Yes quotes from a paper by Lisak, the groundbreaking rape researcher, about the characteristics of male rapists (unfortunately, I am unaware of similar studies about female rapists): “more angry at women, more motivated by the need to dominate and control women, more impulsive and disinhibited in […]