Teaching Boys About Women’s Sexuality—One Brutally Honest Day at a Time

We must teach our boys about the value of women outside of their bodies and the bedroom.

We Need to End Rape by Talking to Our Sons First

How do we stop rape? By beginning the conversation with our sons.

The Wrong Way to Confront Rape Culture

Rolling Stone’s now infamous article “A Rape on Campus” inspired a new program at the University of Virginia to help end campus rape. Unfortunately, it’s not likely to work.

5 Challenges Dads Face Over the Sexual Harassment of Teens

Teens are getting the wrong messages about sex and relationships on social media and messaging apps. Robert Locke gives you some of the basics in a must-read.

At 19, I had not Heard of ‘Rape Culture’

A young woman shares her account with rape culture.

Ted Cruz Needs to Learn Frickin’ Boundaries—NO Means No!

A campaign trail kiss does not come off as heartwarming. “Creepy” is the word that comes to mind.

Dear Daddy, a Message From Your Unborn Daughter

Dads, and all of us really, need to think about the world we create out of misogynist humor. Our daughters deserve better.

Bloomingdale’s is Only Part of the Problem: We Share the Blame

Bloomingdale’s made a huge mistake with this ad, but we’re all complicit in allowing it to happen.

Dear Women Who Shame Women for Rape

Want more good men in the world? Help foster their development.

To the Middle Guys: You Have the Power to Change Rape Culture

It is not the alpha males we must appeal to in the hopes of change, but rather those behind the scenes, those who have a conscience, those who may be strong enough to influence their peers. We need to reach out to the “middle guys.”

Is Being Socially-Conscious Part of Being a Good Man?

Paying attention to issues like white privilege and gay rights and xenophobia – what does this have to do with a being a good man? Everything. Spencer Pennington explains.

What Nobody Wants To Admit About Rape Culture

Nobody’s in favor of rape, but it keeps on happening. What’s not working?

Hillary Clinton’s Rape Culture Problem

Hillary Clinton has a rape culture problem… and her supporters need to ask the right questions.

What Bill Cosby Means for Hillary Clinton

If the rape allegations against Bill Clinton are true, Hillary Clinton needs to get on them right now.

How the Word ‘Victim’ Can Make Rape Feel Like It’s Your Fault

Rape ‘survivor’ Dani Bostick claims the label victim, but she doesn’t let it shame or define her.

A Gentlemen’s Guide to Rape Culture

Zaron Burnett III bullet points and helps explain in complete thoroughness what rape culture means and what you can do about it.