6 Ways We Accidentally Teach Our Boys Rape Culture

And how we can do better.

Yes Virginia, There Is A Rape Culture…

Alex Yarde wants to set an example as a man who is standing up against rape culture and all of its implications.

A Nightmare on College Street

“You don’t know me, but you’ve been inside me, and that’s why we’re here today.”—victim’s statement read aloud at Brock Turner’s sentencing.

For All the Good Men Out There, Regardless of the Despicable Few

For all the men who give humanity a bad name, there are good men and dads who renew our faith.

20 Minutes Really is a Lifetime for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Let’s talk about rape culture—and second chances.

Select Voices on the Subject of Rape from The Good Men Project

Highlights from the voices that have weighed in on the Stanford rape case. And an invitation to be part of the conversation.

Help Myself to Her or Help Her? He Might Have Asked the Right Question—with the Right Dad’s Guidance

What is the right response for men when you encounter a helpless person?

An Open Letter To Dan Turner on Rape and Rape Culture

Father of three, Michael Sutherland, pens a letter to Brock Turner’s father.

What To Say When You Find Out Your Kid Is A Rapist

Alyssa Royse is outraged that Brock Turner was convicted of violently raping an incapacitated woman, but his father, Dan, thinks his loss of appetite is enough punishment. Here is her advice to dad.

To Brock Turner’s Father, From Another Father

Because one vile act against another human being is one too many and we don’t get a do-over when we do unspeakable things.

A Danger To Others

Katherine Fritz cannot comprehend Judge Persky’s statement that convicted rapist Brock Turner “will not be a danger to others.” The power of privilege is a danger to us all.

Are We Allowed to Judge Hooters Girls?

Where does prejudice end and personal insight begin? Sarah Fader breaks down the microaggression (with a side of wings).

Teaching Boys About Women’s Sexuality—One Brutally Honest Day at a Time

We must teach our boys about the value of women outside of their bodies and the bedroom.

We Need to End Rape by Talking to Our Sons First

How do we stop rape? By beginning the conversation with our sons.

The Wrong Way to Confront Rape Culture

Rolling Stone’s now infamous article “A Rape on Campus” inspired a new program at the University of Virginia to help end campus rape. Unfortunately, it’s not likely to work.

5 Challenges Dads Face Over the Sexual Harassment of Teens

Teens are getting the wrong messages about sex and relationships on social media and messaging apps. Robert Locke gives you some of the basics in a must-read.