5 Reasons We Need to Stop Making Jokes About Male Rape

Five things you probably didn’t know about the rape of men (yes, even by women).

5 Reasons Piers Morgan is Dead Wrong About Shia LaBeouf

Christopher Anderson explains everything you need to know in order to support men who have been raped by women.

Coming Out About Rape and Connecting In Crisis

For many men, admitting to rape is like coming out of a shameful closet. But it is the first, powerful, step towards healing.

How to Help a Friend Who Has Been Sexually Assaulted

Anyone can be a victim of sexual assault, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Sarah Ogden offers a guide to supporting a loved one who has experienced sexual assault.

7 Types of Serious Abuse We Don’t Take Seriously

Jarune Uwujaren asks us to pause a moment and reflect up on 7 forms of abuse that are often laughed about, dismissed or simply ignored.

Photo of the Day

TW for rape [Man holding a handwritten sign that says “‘How can a girl rape a boy?’ –Nearly everyone I tried to tell for the first four years after it happened.”] Via (massive TW for rape) Project Unbreakable.


(Hey, times are a bit lean over at Ozy Frantz’s Nerd House of Doom (I got semi-cut-off by my parents for being poly, woooo), so if you appreciate NSWATM I would be very much obliged if you’d tip your blogger. Thanks!) TW for Jezebel recommending rape as a seduction technique.  Today, in Jezebel is THE […]

Fuck Gawker Media

Trigger warning for rape apologism. From Gawker and Jezebel we have a horrific story of a woman who, after a consensual hookup, held a man prisoner in her apartment and forced him to have sex with her multiple times. Thankfully, the man was able to call the cops and the woman was prosecuted for sexual assault. The […]

Real Men Get Raped

Trigger warning for discussion of rape. Hat tip to Titab and Elizabeth for pointing me to the story. Survivors UK, an organization working with male survivors of rape, has begun an advertising campaign to raise awareness of male survivors of rape and to fight the stigma that male rape survivors face. Apparently it’s been quite […]

Private Practice First Show On Television to Have a Male Military Survivor of Rape

Trigger warning for rape and spoilers for the February 2nd episode of Private Practice.  The hospital drama Private Practice has broken new ground for the representation of male survivors on television: they are the very first show on television to depict a male soldier who has survived rape.

Human Rights Abuses and Rape of Men

Trigger warning for discussion of rape.  I linked this in one of my roundups of information about rape a few days ago, but I think it’s interesting enough that I want to delve into it a little deeper. The article addresses the rape of men (unfortunately, it seems to be only rape by penetration, not rape by […]

Rape News Roundup

Trigger warning for discussion of rape. There’s been a lot of information about the rape of men crossing my desktop lately, so I felt I’d just post them all.

RAINN’s Fabulous New Advertisement About Male Rape Survivors

Massive trigger warning for description of rape. 

Assorted Links!

Today I am outsourcing this “blogging” thing to other people who have more interesting things to say than I do. Scientific American would like to inform you that men and women are both, in fact, from Earth: Finally, when talking about evolved differences in behavior between males and females one cannot make statements like “when […]

FBI Subcommittee Acknowledges Men Can Be Raped

Trigger warning for discussion of rape. The FBI’s definition of rape has remained unchanged for more than eighty years: “the carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will.” It is unknown how many millions of rapes have gone uncounted because they were Apparently Not Really Rapes. On Tuesday, the Uniform Crime Report Committee voted […]

Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh

(hat tip to Groundedchuck) Trigger warning for rape. Before you read this story, you might want to take a deep breath and take a look at the tiny turtle eating a strawberry, for purposes of not attempting to kill the entire world.