Who is Jessica Jones?

Seriously. A valid question.

5 Key Elements to Discuss About the Safe and Fair Campus Acts

Division and debate regarding this legislation stems from the question, “Who is this meant to protect–the accuser or the accused?”

We’re All in This Together: Challenging Masculine Norms Against Vulnerability

What can standing together can accomplish? More than you can image.

Bloomingdale’s is Only Part of the Problem: We Share the Blame

Bloomingdale’s made a huge mistake with this ad, but we’re all complicit in allowing it to happen.

Sex With Minors? It’s Always Rape

Children cannot give consent. The answer is always no. The act is always rape.

Dear Women Who Shame Women for Rape

Want more good men in the world? Help foster their development.

Catcalling: Social, Psychological, Public Issues and Awareness, and Preventable Measures

Not sure you understand the full scope of sexual assault? Educate yourself.

Bill Cosby: Retrograde Masculinity and The Demise of an Icon

The classic saying “when it rains it pours” appears to be in full force as it applies to Bill Cosby.

US Troops Ordered to Turn a Blind Eye to Child Rape By Afghani Troops

There was a startling report this week that U.S. troops were told to turn a blind eye to the sexual abuse and enslavement of young boys by Afghani army commanders.

Men, Have You Grieved for Women Yet?

Is grief appropriate? Is it healing? Jonathan Delavan shares his emotional epiphany on a sensitive issue.

I Know Owen Labrie

Nathan Graziano realizes he is a part of the culture that created Owen Labrie. We all are.

For Frat Boys: 6 Easy Ways To Not Rape Someone This Year

Ignorance is not an excuse for rape.

What Nobody Wants To Admit About Rape Culture

Nobody’s in favor of rape, but it keeps on happening. What’s not working?

Childhood Horror: 5 Ways to Identify Abuse

Sometimes your children are crying for help in ways we cannot understand.

Making Things Whole for Cambodian Men: Combining All The Steps in Healing

Rick Goodwin attempts to heal men’s soul wounds: the bleeding of their hearts, the psychic suffering. He works to lay to rest ghosts that do not sleep, ghosts originating from unfathomable sources of pain.

The Octogenarian Asks the Feminist Sex Educator

Alice Isak raises important questions about consent and what it actually looks like and means.