Childhood abuse and the concept of triggers.

It Happens to Men, Too

Women are the victims, and men are the aggressors. At least that’s how the story is usually told. But men can be victims too.

An Open Letter to the Target Boycotters: Your Silence is Deafening

For all those Target protestors today, where was the outrage when we actually needed it to save our women and children from worse fates?

Men Can be Raped, but Society Won’t Let Them Talk About it

A huge stigma still exists for men who admit to being raped.

John Kasich’s Anachronistic Traveling Show

John Kasich is not the saving grace of the GOP, and Warren J Blumenfeld tells us why.

We Need to End Rape by Talking to Our Sons First

How do we stop rape? By beginning the conversation with our sons.

Raising Better Men Starts With How Boys Treat Girls

What is wrong with boys these days? Tony Amore turns the hose on those rabid teenagers.

Start by Believing

What harm is the expectation that men aren’t vulnerable doing?

Comment of the Day: ‘Rape is about power and control and has nothing to do with clothing.’

What do you believe is the root cause of rape?

The Wrong Way to Confront Rape Culture

Rolling Stone’s now infamous article “A Rape on Campus” inspired a new program at the University of Virginia to help end campus rape. Unfortunately, it’s not likely to work.

Consent is Not a Gendered Issue

Consent is about helping, respecting and empowering people. Gender shouldn’t be part of the equation.

Ode to the Things He Couldn’t Take

I say yes because I do not know how long this will haunt me.

Do You Trust Sex With Strangers?

Listen to your instinct, that’s where trust starts

How Sexual Assault in the Military Degrades Homeland Security

Previous consensual sex defense acquits alleged rapist, but what’s the military’s scorecard on combating sexual assault?

The Cosby Civil War

Opinions and emotions clash over Bill Cosby.