What To Say When You Find Out Your Kid Is A Rapist

Alyssa Royse is outraged that Brock Turner was convicted of violently raping an incapacitated woman, but his father, Dan, thinks his loss of appetite is enough punishment. Here is her advice to dad.

Hug the Rapist

How important is it that we forgive those who harmed us?

Rape Culture… In The Classroom?

We need to have legitimate conversations about modern masculinity and rape culture – we cannot be silent.

Two-Time Olympic Judo Champion Jailed For Rape

In a case that is rocking Japan’s sports culture, one of its heroes is currently behind bars on very serious rape charges.

Giving a Rapist a Public Platform

Pointing our anger at the facilitators of a discussion on consent interferes with our ability to see a greater point.

“Maybe your meddling will save lives. Maybe it will prevent him from doing it again.”

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