Dear Women Who Shame Women for Rape

Want more good men in the world? Help foster their development.

You Are Not Destined to Be The Man Others Tell You To Be

Your destiny is to be the man you choose to be.

Heads of the Hydra or, The End of Rape

It takes more than education on consent to stop rape, but it is a vital chapter in a new story of what we all want: a world without rape.

Steubenville Case Forces Parents to Address Adult Issues With Kids

The need for parents to have candid and ongoing discussions with their kids about sex and humanity has never been greater

“The trivialization of prison rape is probably the worst.”

This comment was by D on the post 7 Types of Serious Abuse We Don’t Take Seriously.

“The End of Fatherhood Means the End of Civilized Society”

No other quote on fatherhood has stuck with me quite like this one.

Nice Guys Commit Rape, Too? A Response

Matthew Salesses sees rape apologetics where there should be a change of heart about a supposed “nice guy.”

“A deliberate choice to stalk, physically overpower, and rape her is not a circumstance where an apology will do.”

This is a comment by Chloe on the post “I Know Who You Raped Last Summer”.

“Many judges repeat the false assumption that children need both parents equally.”

This is a comment by Barry Goldstein on the post “Are States Giving Custody to Rapist Fathers?”

Hidden Ashes: A Male Survivor’s Fear of Men

Men who are afraid of other men: you are not alone.

“It could have said ‘teach people not to rape’ … But they chose ‘men’.”

These are comments by AllyF and RandomStranger on the post: “Masculinity needs fixing, but femininity is just fine. The fact is, neither is broken.”

Top 10 Men’s Rights Issues

What are men’s rights activists so fired up about? Here are the results of our MRA goal poll.

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