The Perfect Dad and Newborn Moment

If you’re looking for 60 seconds of pure rapture, this is it.

Sexual Healing

A new vision of 21st century male sexuality.

Six Things That Aren’t “Literally” in the Bible

It’s fine if you want to believe these things. Just stop saying they’re in an easily-checkable text, and stop taking other people’s word for it that they are.

The Circle of Life

The Beatles, The Bible, and the Sanskrit word for bliss: Jeff Swain explains how by following our bliss, we find our purpose.

The Perpetual Temptation of the End of the World

You ever wonder why we keep on predicting apocalypses even though they never come true?

News: Word on The Tweets from May 22nd, 2011

The round up of news from the It’s Komplicated webcast for the week of May 22, 2011

Flowchart: Will You Be Raptured?

Presented without comment.

Good Morning Links

Today is Thursday, May 19, and we’re spending it updating our resume to apply for this new opening at the IMF. Here are some links of note today:

The Doomsday Publicist

Meet Tom Evans, the media rep for the May 21 apocalypse.