9 Books That Changed Everything For Me

What They Are and How They Helped Me

6 Nuggets of Wisdom From Books I’ve Read This Year That Have Led To The Best Results

Reading it is one thing. Applying it is another. Choosing what to apply is a totally different story.

To Be or Not To Be (Digital)

No company embodies the tension between historical and current attitudes to media and “content” more than Amazon

Reading to Your Child: The Difference it Makes

Dads, you can make a difference in learning and development for your children when they read with you.

The Complex Relationship of Fathers and Sons

Allison Moorer reviews Inherited Disorders {Stories & Syndromes} by Adam Ehrlich Sachs

(Regan Arts, 263 pp. Publication Date May 03, 2016)

Books: The Intellectual’s New Status Symbol

Matthew Sweet has found that his unread books have the greatest value.

One Father’s Mission to Make Science Fun & Accessible

This dad created a picture book to teach his daughter that chemistry can be fun.

Find the Perfect Book for You to Read

Men love to read, so we are helping you guys with an easy flow chart for choosing a book.

Five Books That Will Liberate Your Mind

Books offer a great escape. Add these 5 to your reading list to escape AND open your mind.

You Probably Should Not Be Reading This

Let’s be honest. You’re really just procrastinating.

Harper Lee and a Life of Courage

The loss of Harper Lee is the loss of a very important cultural voice.

Reading On a Rainy Day

We all know reading is great for your kid’s brain. But let’s get to the real appeal: reading is just plain great for dads.

Why Stories Matter: Kids, Storytelling, and Gender Norms

Children’s stories have a major influence on the way kids understand the world.

Challenging Gender Stereotypes through Children’s Books

“Made by Raffi” is a children’s book about a boy who knits, and you’ve got to read it.

What Superheroes Looked Like in 2015

Hint: It’s not what you’re used to.