Why Don’t We Read?


It took two hundred thousand years for man to develop the written word, another five thousand years to mass-produce it, and one generation to forget it.

Reading Books About Women Made Me A Better Man

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An infinite number of books featuring multi-dimensional female characters accomplish so much less if they are read by our daughters, but not our sons.

The Readers (after Robert Hayden)


Recalling Robert Hayden’s classic poem “Those Winter Sundays,” Philip Clark presents his own remembrance of a father and his sacrifices.

The Eight Essential Kinds of Books That Every Kid Should Own

The Eight Essential Kinds of Books That Every Kid Should Own

Not every kids’ book is the right fit for every kid. But there are certain types of books that every kid should encounter when they’re young.

Undistracted Reading


Leo Babauta has some tips to help you read what you want, when you want without all the distractions.

The Peculiar Case of the Reading Dad

The Peculiar Case of the Reading Dad

When Frederick J. Goodall went to his son’s preschool to read one day, he had no idea that he would end up being the first father who had ever read to the class.

We Must all be Foot Soldiers in the Battle to Stamp Out Illiteracy

reading with daddy

Two new initiatives are aiming to get parents to read more to their kids, and for new tech solutions to improve literacy.

Why Do We Still Have Banned Books Week?

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Let us revel in the diversity of literature rather than wallow in our own prejudices. The “freedom to read” is something should all celebrate.

Touchdowns, Tackles, and Tolstoy: Educating Guys in the Locker Room

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For six weeks, football players endured summer conditioning, and a part of that conditioning regimen was intellectual.

Slow, Effective Reading


Sometimes, slow and steady really does win the race. At least as far as reading goes.

How to Turn Your Kid into a Hardcore Comic Book Geek

How to Turn Your Kid into a Hardcore Comic Book Geek

Now that Comic Con 2014 is over, Tom Burns offers parents some tips on how to get their kids interested in comic books, so they’ll be ready to geek out with their mom and dad at next year’s Con.

The 10 Books (Yes, That’s Right, Books) Every Man Should Pick Up This Summer


Books, and reading in general, are good habits to practice as you get older. And, no, since speed-reading through your Twitter timeline doesn’t count, here are a few recommendations to help jump-start your summer reading list.

I’m A Man Who Teaches Like A Catholic Nun


It’s time to get back to the basics, whether we like it or not.

How to be a Publishing Parent—and Help Diversify Children’s Literature


Personalized stories for your children now have a much wider reach.

How to Raise a Reader

How to Raise a Reader

Michael Carley offers advice for parents who want to encourage their children to embrace books and reading at a young age.

Telling Our Story: Why It Matters That #DadsRead

Telling Our Story: Why It Matters That #DadsRead

Felix Brandon Lloyd knows the impact that a father’s presence can have on a child, which is why he regularly makes time to read with his children and supports the #DadsRead campaign.