Finding Time to Read

The simple pleasure of reading often gets forgotten in the daily grind.

7 Bedtime Routines For Greater Intimacy

Jordan Gray says that how you spend your evenings with your partner has a massive ripple effect into the rest of your relationship.

Sometimes Getting Lost is the Best of Things

Quentin Lucas explores storytelling’s roll in his journey into manhood.

Reading (Less) And Doing More

Learning in itself doesn’t yield huge returns. Action is what makes the learning count.

10 Ways to Be a More Creative Man

Want to expand your mind and grow your potential? These practical ideas will show you how

To Read or Not to Read – the Guilt-Free Guide to Choosing

A simple system for feeding your mind what it needs most. — I used to feel guilty about all the books I haven’t read. I would walk into my home or college office and see all those unread books and feel like a loser. The same thing happened when I saw all the unread books […]

A Man’s Guide to Finding True Purpose in Life

These 10 questions help you live and give from your authentic self.

You May Exercise Your Body, but do You Exercise Your Brain?

You may exercise your body, but do you exercise your brain? Staying healthy as a man requires more than just picking stuff up and putting stuff down.

In Dr. Seuss’ Children’s Books, a Commitment to Social Justice that’s Still Relevant Today

With green eggs, Who-hearing elephants, and cats with tall cats, Dr. Seuss’ books teach valuable lessons on racism, prejudice and diversity

Looking for a Summer Reading List? Here You Go

Summer has begun and Jesse Kornbluth has a few suggestions for you that are not your average beach reading.

The Delightfully Short Guide to Reading More Books

Leo Babauta has some suggestions to help you get back to the enjoyment of reading books.

Helpful Tips to Rev Up Reading Comprehension in Children

Reading is Fundamental But You Must Understand It First

The Kid From Tomkinsville

What speaks to a boy more than sports? A book about sports, of course.

Kids Need to Like What They’re Reading to Progress

Kids will be turned off reading if they have no interest in the material. Comics or picture books are fine as long as the child enjoys it.

Why Don’t We Read?

It took two hundred thousand years for man to develop the written word, another five thousand years to mass-produce it, and one generation to forget it.

Reading Books About Women Made Me A Better Man

An infinite number of books featuring multi-dimensional female characters accomplish so much less if they are read by our daughters, but not our sons.